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December 23, 2010

posted by: Mr. Jones

The Captain Stupendous graphic novel is available now in bookstores, comic shops, and online! Get yours today!



September 22, 2010

posted by: Mr. Weiner

Dear readers,

A few years ago, we launched Captain Excelsior, a project which Chris Jones and I consider to be one of the best things we've ever worked on. Week after week, we grew to know and love these characters. And so, it is with some sadness that we tell you we will be changing his name.

We were informed that using the term "excelsior" for a superhero comic might not be terribly legally smart. Rather than put ourselves in a bad position, we've decided to change the name. So...

Meet the new bastard, same as the old bastard. Captain Stupendous.

Believe me when I say that this name change came through no small amount of effort. Chris, I, and many of our friends spent hundreds of hours looking through lists of ancient gods, weapons, boat names, thesaurus synonyms, archaic words, medical conditions, monkey species, and made-up bullshit. Captain Zeus, Captain Gladyx, Captain USS Mississippi... none were quite right. We finally settled on Captain Stupendous, since we think it has the same old-fashioned superhero spirit as the original.

We're still adjusting to the name change, but we like it and hope you do too. This is the first time Chris and I have been published together, and we're damn proud of this book.

As "Shakespeare" once "said" ... a Captain Excelsior by any other name would still smell like Old Spice and condoms.

Your fans,
Zach and Chris



August 5, 2010

posted by: Mr. Jones

Captain Excelsior book coming soon!

Zach and I are very excited to announce that a Captain Excelsior book will be coming out in November 2010 from IDW. This book will contain some extra bonus material never seen before, so even if you've read the whole story you'll still want to pick up a copy. And probably a copy for all your family members. This will also make an excellent Christmas present for all your friends! Pre-ordering is available right now at!

The final cover art will most likely be a bit different from the image above. We''ll post the final cover here when it''s completed.



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