Captain Stupendous

Captain Stupendous is a lover, and a father.
Probably in that order.

His once idyllic (idyllic meaning she didn't catch on about the cheating) marriage to Mrs. Mind crumbled a few years ago. Although he enjoys being a bachelor, watching Mrs. Mind put her life back together has really taken its toll on him.

Kid Liberty

Captain Stupendous and Mrs. Mind's eldest son.

A chip off the old block, Kid Liberty is a superhero extraordinaire just coming into his own. He's got every quality you could want in a superhero, and then some. Sort of. But I can't tell you yet.
Just read.

Seriously, you'll see. Read.

Mrs. Mind

She's a clairvoyant and a psychic, but somehow it took her almost a decade to catch onto the captain's philandering. How ha accomplished that remains a mystery even to this day.

However, Mrs. Mind (formerly Mrs. Mind-Stupendous) isn't one to linger on the past. Recently, she found the perfect guy in Steve Weatherby. Sure, he's only a human, but the stability and kindness are a nice break from Captain Stupendous (who thinks "good luck next time" is acceptable pillow talk).

Tesla Curl

The youngest child of Mrs. Mind and Captain Stupendous, Tesla is still in the midst of high school.

Although she's an interesting girl and relatively pretty, she's had trouble fitting in. Something about being able to kill people on a whim turns off most of the would-be suitors. Go figure.

Steve Weatherby

Steve Weatherby is a nice guy. He owns and operates a small psychiatric office. He's kind, loving, and sane. Essentially, he is the opposite of Captain Stupendous, and the perfect second husband for Mrs. Mind (soon to be Mrs. Mind-Weatherby).


Ron is Captain Stupendous and Mrs. Mind's middle child. He has no superpowers. Who cares?

Maine Event

Maine Event is the only superhero ever to come out of Maine.

Although a tough crime fighter, he's also a regular church attendee and a wonderful father to his 2.5 kids (the .5 being a lobster)


Mephisto is an ancient evil from time immemorial. He is a soulless abomination, walking the earth until judgment day, seeking only to bring misery and pain to those around him.

Needless to say, he's a hit with the ladies.

The Dapper Flapper

Mrs. Mind's mom. The Dapper Flapper was a great superhero back in the 20's, but has now settled in to watching TV., popping pills, and being generally dissatisfied with any course of action her daughter takes.


Though not exactly a super villain of high aspirations, Thunderclap manages to cause problems here and there. Mostly, he likes to get drunk and threaten people, which is... you know... fairly unpleasant.

The Math Teacher

Remember when that young, attractive, naive teacher you had when you were in high school? Yeah, me neither. But, here she is.

Creepy Guy

You know that guy who never got to go to prom and never had a date except for that one through a dating service when he was 36? Well, he's on the on the prowl, and looking for a special kind of love - a different kind of love.