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January 20th, 2007

posted by: Mr. Weiner

Woo! It's been a great opening day so far. We haven't even been open a full 24 hours, and we've gotten over 500 visits. Thanks everyone!

Also, at Phil's suggestion, I added a section for Captain Excelsior at the webcomics boozewiki. Feel free to add in.



January 19, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Welcome! After many months of hard work we're finally here.

I have to thank Zach for this wonderful opportunity. The script had me at hello, I mean the first page! It's such a pleasure to draw for a writer when you are a huge fan of his writing.

After reading the script, I absolutely HAD to be the artist for this. I never would have imagined myself drawing superheros, but this is different. This is something special, and you guys are in for a real treat.

I also need to thank Elaine for her constant encouragement and understanding when I'm at my drawing table late at night and early into the mornings.



January 19, 2007

posted by: Mr. Weiner


There are too many people to thank, but here goes:

First, obviously, is Chris. Why he's deigned to work with my writing, I'll never know. But, it looks like we've managed to come up with something really special despite my best efforts. When we're sitting in our French chateau, toasting snifters of Brandy to those poor souls who have to put an M before their illionaires, it will ALL be because of Chris.

Also, thanks to Marty for the amazing nerdity he's performed for the site despite having a newborn baby (and, incidentally, thanks to Shannon who now has to change diapers for TWO people).

Next, thanks James for all of your useless notes.

Thanks to Amanda for staying up late to listen to the script over and over.

Thanks to Reva for giving brutal opinion (one piece of dialogue in the script is actually the way she wrote it verbatim).

Thanks to Liz for being one of the first people to get excited about the idea, and trying to find me an artist before I found the BEST ONE EVER (<3).

Finally, thanks to all the people who've chipped in with thoughts, notes, encouragement, and inspiration. In no particular order, they include Dani, Phil, Gianna, Chason, Persephone, and I'm sure a ton of other folks I'm forgetting.

Anyone I've left out of the above, please let me know that I'm a jerk.

Oh, also, thanks to my parents in advance for not being upset or offended by the crescendo of awfulness about to unfold page by page over the next year or so.



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