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January 27, 2007

posted by: Mr. Weiner

CE officially has its first Nemesis

Wonderella is crap. For example, Justin is too lazy to draw lines around all of his colors. As we all know, real artists draw in their colors, then encircle them with black lines in order to assure maximum distinguishability.

Furthermore, all the best comics have two word names - Penny Arcade, Something Positive, Essem Beecee. Wonderella has ONE.

Nice try, Justin. We aren't falling for it.

And for that matter, any of you other superhero comics that think you can match wits with us, BRING IT.

(PS: Please link us when you bring it.)



January 24, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Hey everyone, thanks for reading. Hope you're enjoying the story so far.

A huge thanks to Ryan North for the mention!

And thank you to Wiz Rollins for pimping with a CE banner on There's Always Porn. (his new NSFW comic with Bob Sugar) Thanks Wiz!



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