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October 21, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Grumps makes Top 10 in Webcomics Idol!

Bomb Shelter Comics is running their Webcomics Idol competition again this year, and Grumps has made the top 10 out of a total of 105 sumbmissions. Voting starts sometime today (Sunday). There are some really great comics in the top ten, so the competition is going to be fierce! The five comics with the lowest number of votes will be cut at the end of the first week of voting.

So, in summary, if any of you CE readers are Grumps fans: I would really appreciate your vote! THANK YOU!



October 17, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Page 40!

Colours! (or "colors" for you Americans)
I've seen school lockers that were brown, red, blue and black - but in my mind's eye, they are always green.

I also associate colours with the days of the week: Monday is blue, Tuesday is red, Wednesday is green, Thursday is brown, Friday is black, Saturday is orange, and Sunday is yellow. I've seen the days of the week this way as long as I can remember.

Anyone else have any other strange colour associations?



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