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November 1, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Hey guys - Here's a bonus super-dooper extra long Byron Pinkleton comic for you to enjoy!

And, it looks like Iím getting my ass handed to me over at the Webcomics Idol Round 2 voting. Oh well, I guess I couldnít really expect to get too far, especially when itís a popularity contest.



October 31, 2007

posted by: Mr. Jones

Happy Halloween! I don't dress up, I'm a blarg humbug about this holiday. Although I expect about 150 little kidlets to be showing up at our door, my wife will do the handing out of the sugary morsels.

In other developments:
In case you were wondering where Zach has been lately, I've extracted his brain and I have it in one of my old pickle jars on a shelf in my studio. Now, whenever I need guidance or expert advice, I just consult the brain, which is always nearby.

Also, Zach's brain kind of smells like dill pickles now, but that's okay, my dog likes to lick it every now and then. (it's good for the circulation).

I have pictures. I can show you if you want..



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