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Catwoman is getting a new costume in DC Comics courtesy of artist Nico Leon, and it recalls some of her best comic book looks.
Batman gets endless costume updates in DC Comics and other media. Comic book fans know Catwoman is no exception and the character gets a fantastic modern update in Catwoman #52, scheduled to arrive in February 2023. This costume, designed by artist Nico Leon, provides an opportunity for fans to revisit Catwoman's best comic book looks.
Catwoman's silhouette remains as iconic as Batman's, but her costume evolved considerably over her eighty years in comics. Her Golden Age outfit differs greatly from her modern ones, which tend to be variations on the same theme. Every great Catwoman costume honors the same fun and style the character exudes in all her incarnations.
The costume from Catwoman #52 makes an instant impression thanks to its modern take on classic influences. This costume, worn by new character Eiko Hasigawa while Selina Kyle is behind bars, keeps the standard silhouette but emphasizes the ears in a way that recalls the costume from Year One, among the best Batman comic book storylines ever.
Her gray bodysuit also evokes the all-gray look Catwoman wore in Batman: The Animated Series. The overall aesthetic gives off some vibes from the Catwoman look in The Batman animated series from 2004.
The Golden Age Catwoman costume took some twists and turns. One radical departure stands with the best for its audacious take on the character. In the 1940s, Catwoman adopted a realistic cat mask that completely disguised her face. She also wore a black outfit with military-like embellishments and a dark purple cape.
This costume didn't last long and emerged from a period that saw her go through significant change. She also wore an orange-colored version before settling into what fans would recognize as her classic Golden Age outfit.
Changes to DC continuity placed the Golden Age Catwoman from Earth-One in the multiverse, and her costume remains among the best for its beauty and simplicity. She wears a purple dress with her instantly iconic cat mask and a green cape. The green cape didn't survive, but the purple color would later be associated with other strong Catwoman outfits.
Her costume morphed substantially through the Golden Age. Her debut costume in Batman #1 in 1940, which certainly stands with the best comic books ever, used green instead of purple and featured no mask.
Catwoman solidified her place among Batman's greatest villains by the 1960s, when she appeared in an all-time costume in Batman '66. That costume influenced later ones in all media, but her Silver Age comic book costume made only minor, if key, adjustments to the Golden Age look. The dress disappeared for a bodysuit, inching closer to her classic style.
The catsuit Selina Kyle made her own in later comics and movies emerges in this look, though it's still holding onto the past. She only wore this look a few times, including a great story in Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #70.
Year One updated the origins for Catwoman and also gave her an iconic costume. This classic 1986 comic book storyline put her in her first true catsuit in the comics, with details that emphasized her cat traits as strongly as some Golden Age versions. Her costume featured prominent cat ears and whiskers.
This costume also features a long tail, something later designs mostly abandoned. Selina's non-Catwoman civilian outfit and buzzcut from this period arguably prove as enduring as the costume.
Catwoman's most memorable costumes in general emphasize her sexuality, and none more so perhaps than the 1990s costume. Designed by artist Jim Balent and debuting in 1993's Catwoman #1, this costume brought back the classic purple color while bringing the catsuit into the modern era.
This costume also included the exaggerated ears that defined the Year One look, making it an amalgamation of several key Catwoman styles to that point. Within mainstream DC continuity, it marks the last time she used purple in her wardrobe.
Batman: The Animated Series makes a case for the best cartoon based on DC Comics and the show gave back to the source material. Bruce Timm's singular art style gave Catwoman her most refined look and The New Adventures redesign inspired the simple, stunning all-black costume from Gotham Girls.
This costume boils Catwoman's look down to its essence, borrowing heavily from the black that emerged in live-action and creating an outfit for the ages in this early 2000s series.
Catwoman's outfits mostly lean lo-fi in the comics, but the Batman/Catwoman limited series by writer Tom King and artist Clay Mann introduces a high-tech modern look. Her all-gray costume evokes the animated series but also embodies everyday practicality in its armor and gear that borrows from live-action looks.
The costume features high-tech goggles which started to become a feature in her comic book looks after 2012's The Dark Knight Rises provided an inspired take on them, combining the goggles and cat ears into one.
Artist Joelle Jones delivered an instantly iconic costume when she took over the Catwoman series in 2018 during the Rebirth era. Jones' costume takes inspiration it seems from the classic costume Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Batman Returns, an all-leather look that replicates almost perfectly that costume's mask.
The costume abandoned the live-action look's stitching for a cleaner and more fashioned finish. It also introduces a circular zipper that harkens back to arguably the best Catwoman costume in the comics.
Artist Darwyn Cooke redesigned Catwoman in 2002 for her ongoing series and delivered an all-time knockout. She literally abandons her 1990s costume in the series for an all-black catsuit that synthesizes both the Silver Age era Cooke's signature art embodies as well as modern-day sensibilities.
Those modern touches emerge in her distinctive goggles, which both echo aviation goggles from the past and modern high-tech eyewear that later emerged in the movies. This sleek, stylish version clearly inspired costumes that came after in the comics, movies, and other media.
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