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From Action Comics to Batman vs. Robin to World’s Finest, DC published incredible comics in 2022 that stand as some of the best books of the year.
DC Comics' 2022 has been through many ups and downs. While the publisher's Batman reliance has many fans complaining, DC has still put out multiple amazing titles this year. There have been blockbuster ongoing series like Detective Comics, awesome event titles like Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, and miniseries that have enthralled readers like no others.
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DC wasn't perfect in 2022, but it still was able to put out some nearly perfect books. With many of comics' best creators, like Mark Waid, Mahmud Asrar, and Dan Mora working on books, DC has put out some hits in 2022.
2023's Lazarus Planet is DC's next big event, and it spins out of Batman vs. Robin, by writer Mark Waid and artist Mahmud Asrar. Batman returns to Wayne Manor to find Alfred alive and well, but is attacked by Tim Hunter and Jakeem Thunder. This series of events leads him to learn that Damian is after him, with possessed members of the DC hero community on his side.
Batman vs. Robin is an action packed that manages to dig into DC magical lore. Pitting Batman and Damian Wayne against each other has led to some great battles. Waid and Asrar are an amazing team and this book has been a lot of fun.
Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, by writer Josh Williamson and artist Daniel Sampere, got a bad rep. A big reason for that is the lead-up. Many fans put too much ire into the Great Darkness, an Alan Moore creation, being a part of it. It had a strike against it, but it's actually better than it gets credit for. Pitting the heroes of the Earth against Pariah, Deathstroke, and their Dark Army, it brought the infinite Earths back.
Dark Crisis is a simple comic. The art is fantastic, and the story reads much better in one sitting. Too many readers went into it thinking it was something it's not. It's big dumb multiversal fun that DC does so well. Reading it alongside the tie-in one-shots answers a lot of the problems people have with it, but it's still very good on its own.
No one would have guessed that Slam Bradley, a DC detective from the pre-superhero years of the publisher, would star in one of the best books in 2022. Gotham City: Year One, by writer Tom King and artist Phil Hester, stars the detective and it's set in the 1960s. Bradley gets embroiled in a kidnapping plot with the Waynes, digging into the history of the city.
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King and Hester give readers a noir book like no other the Big Two have put out in years. King understands how to write for the artists he works with, and gives Hester and inker Eric Gapstur a lot to work with. Jordie Belleaire's colors are perfect for this dark tinged noir. The creative team is firing on all cylinders for this one.
DC has some amazing must-read books and one of them is Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo. Writer/artist Marc Silvestri takes his first stab at the Dark Knight in this one, as Batman is attacked by vampiric creatures with Joker's DNA, just as Commissioner Gordon and Harley Quinn disappear. This situation puts the two enemies together, as they work to free them and not kill each other as they look for the person behind it all.
Silvestri has never worked on Batman and rarely worked for DC. This first story as a writer/artist for the publisher is excellent, with an interesting plot and intriguing mystery. His art is insanely good, with pages that have to be seen to be believed.
The "Warworld Saga" is an impressive Superman story, and reminded people just how good the character can be. Action Comics, by Philip Kennedy Johnson, Riccardo Federici, Will Conrad, Fico Ossio, Mike Perkins, David Lapham, and more, has been peak Superman in 2022. It's hard to even think of the last time Action Comics has been this good.
Action Comics has been impressive all year. It's lived up to its name, giving readers great action, but also reminding fans that Superman is about more than just punching his problems away. Every issue in 2022 has been amazing and 2023 looks to be more of the same.
Nightwing is basically DC's main character in 2022. Nightwing, by writer Tom Taylor and artists Bruno Redondo, Daniele DiNicuolo, Geraldo Borges, and Caio Felipe, has been excellent since Taylor and Redondo took over and 2022 continued that. From teaming up with Jon Kent and Wally West to dealing with Blockbuster, Nightwing has been insanely exciting.
Action is the name of the game in Nightwing, as Taylor gives the artists some amazing action set pieces. However, the book never skimps on action and plot either. This is just pure superhero goodness that can hook any reader who wants some high-flying action, great characters, and engaging plots.
Detective Comics is DC's longest running comic, and the book has had an excellent 2022. Writers Mariko Tamaki and Matthew Rosenberg and artists Amancay Nahuelpan, Fernando Blanco, and more kicked off the year with the book, telling amazing Batman stories. Issue #1062 saw writers Ram V and Si Spurrier take over with artists Rafael Albuquerque, Ivan Reis, Dani, and Hayden Sherman.
V is introducing the Orgham family to Gotham, a family of immortal Indian royalty with ties to Gotham's history, with Batman investigating them as the League of Assassins attacks them and Two-Face consolidates his control over the city. Meanwhile, Spurrier's back-ups have starred Jim Gordon and Two-Face.
The Flash has been impressive since writer Jeremy Adams took over and Wally West took up the mantle. Joined by artists Fernando Pasarin, Amancay Nahuelpan, Matt Ryan, Will Conrad, and Brent Peeples, the book has followed Wally West as he dealt with problems in the Twin Cities, an attack on Gemworld, the search for Barry Allen with the Flash family, and joining a multiversal wrestling federation.
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The Flash is a masterclass in superhero comics. Wally's return has made the Flash better than ever, and he has the best supporting cast in comics, with his family, Mister Terrific, and Kid Flash all making appearances. This book is a cut above the rest.
2022 is full of must-read books, and even among those Aquaman: Andromeda is special. Written by Ram V with art by Christian Ward, the book follows the crew of the experimental submarine Andromeda as it searches the ocean's floor for something that fell from space. As things go crazy onboard, Aquaman lends a helping hand against both Black Manta, out for the spoils, and the crashed object.
Aquaman: Andromeda is horror perfection. V and Ward combine to give readers an atmospheric, haunting tale that mines its horror in intelligent ways. It's a joy to behold and a book that every DC fan needs to experience.
DC has some great comics for new readers, with Batman/Superman: World's Finest standing tall among them. Written by legendary writer Mark Waid with art by the phenomenal team of Dan Mora and Tamra Bonvillain and Travis Moore, the book follows the adventures of Superman and Batman. Set in the recent past, it has them tackling ancient demons, traveling through time, and meeting a new sidekick.
Waid is always great and putting him on this book for his return to DC was inspired. Every issue has been nothing short of brilliant, giving readers superhero excellence every time it drops. Top-notch writing, breathtaking art, and DC's best heroes combine for a wild ride.
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