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Boom! Comics is new compared to other brands in the comic book world but has performed well against the 2 biggest brands in sales.
Boom! Comics started in 2005 with the mission of providing a new wave of comic books for readers who may not be interested in superheroes but wanted to explore the format, per Boom! Comics website. While the company is not as well known as its competitors, DC and Marvel, they have achieved top-selling comic books over multiple years.
This surge in sales in recent years is because of their partnerships with famous authors and starting to produce shows and movies. As Boom!continues to expand the definition of what makes a comic book a comic book and draws in more readers to the format, they are on a path to more chart-topping sales.
Magic The Gathering has some of the most beautiful cards in all the card-based games, and with a broad fan base, the comic version of the game performed well. According to monthly sales reports from Comichron, Magic The Gathering #1 sold 90,299 copies in its first run, putting it in the middle of the 2021 sales chart, as it was a competitive year for comics within Boom! Comics.
The comic series added lore to the game and is perfect for fans who want to expand their knowledge of it.
Coming off the heels of a record-breaking first-issue release, the second issue in the Brzrkr series did well, selling 113,565 copies during the first run (per Comichron). With news of an anime series based on the comics continuing to be released, the excitement around the series continues to grow, despite there being a continual dip in sales as more issues are released.
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When the issue was released, several variant covers helped with the sales, as fans wanted to collect all the covers to complete the set even though the covers were vastly different from one another.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was one of the best Power Rangers TV shows, so when Boom! released a comic based on the show; it was certain to sell well with fans, as it would spark nostalgia for those who missed the show. According to Comichron, the entire series did well for the publisher in 2016, but the first issue drew in fans with variant covers that had an art style similar to the original promotions from the TV series, making it the perfect addition to readers Power Ranger collections.
By Comichron's report, the issue outsold well-established series like Betty and Veronica in 2016, which showed that Boom! was making its mark on the industry.
Something Is Killing The Children beat the trend of sales dwindling over the course of the series, with Comichron reporting the 16th issue selling over 100 thousand issues in 2021. With Doctor Sleep director Mike Flanagan directing the television show, the adaptation gained the original series more attention and called new fans to the horror comic.
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The premise of SIKTC provided a fresh concept to the horror comic genre and had terrifying covers that made readers want to know if the monsters would win. With the release of the 16th issue coming just before the announcement of the chosen director, 2021 was a good year for SIKTC.
Usually, a special cover run of a comics' first issue doesn't perform as well as the initial release, and for House of Slaughter, this was true, but the special edition foiled cover outsold many other comics that were well-established series within Boom! and other studios (per Comichron).
The comics were released on the same day, which may have affected the overall sales of both editions, but they are considered separate releases by distributors. Despite all of this, the foiled cover variant brought in buyers and improved the sales of the overall series.
As with House of Slaughter, Brzrkr released a special edition cover variant on the same day the initial issue was released (per Comichron), which was considered its own release by distributors. With the special foiled cover variant, comic readers could get one of the covers or collect them all.
With a celebrity like Keanu Reeves penning the comic, there was a broad fan base that was being appealed to those who may have never read a comic before, which was the reason Boom! Comics was created in the first place. The main character who is prominently featured on the cover resembles Reeves, which was also a draw for his fans and readers.
Brzrkr nabbed the title of best-selling debut comic in the past three decades (per Mashable), with much of the hype around the release coming from fans being excited to read the author's Keanu Reeves work for the first time.
Since most people know Keanu Reeves for his performances in some of his best movies, this was an unexpected venture for the actor, and readers wanted to see if he was as good at writing comic books as he was at acting. According to Comichron, the debut issue landed in the third spot for the best-selling comic of 2021.
As reported by Comichron, 2021 was a big year for comic book sales, but Boom! made a significant impact with the best-selling comic of the year House of Slaughter, issue #1. With well over 300,000 copies sold Boom! outperformed Marvel with their best-selling comic, Venom, selling just under 300,000 copies, a considerable feat for the studio.
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The series also did well as it is connected to Something Is Killing The Children, which is one of Boom! Comics is a best-selling series, giving each series a deep lore that fans want to explore.
Even though 2021 proved to be one of Boom! Comics most successful year in terms of sales, 2016 was a big year for the company since, according to Comichron Boom! grabbed the top spot for the best-selling comic with Big Trouble In Little China/Escape From New York #1. Much of the sales can be attributed to the comic being in Loot Crate and are considered in the number of issues sold along with single-issue sales.
The comic is based on movies that are often considered some of Kurt Russell's non-Tarantino roles, which was a draw for fans of the 80s films as they hadn't been adapted into comics before.
Even though the covers of Bravest Warrior Tales From The Holo John look to be a children's series, the comics performed better than Boom! Comics mature looking series with over half a million issues of the first edition sold, including the Loot Crate edition, according to Comichron.
2015 was a competitive year, with Marvel releasing the best-selling comic of the year, as noted in the Comichron report, but Boom! placed well with the third best-selling comic of the year. With Boom! producing popular cartoons like Adventure Time, the art style was familiar to readers and fit well with the brand, which contributed to the series' success.
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