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Silk gets her own streaming series from Sony in Spider Society and it’s likely to build off the character’s best comic books.
Silk: Spider Society brings a significant character from Marvel Comics lore to the screen. Comic book fans know the same spider that gave Peter Parker his powers also bit Cindy Moon, transforming her into Silk. Her upcoming Amazon streaming series likely builds off her best comic books, which all make for great reading for fans who may not be familiar with her.
Silk emerged in the comics relatively recently, but she quickly amassed her own adventures and conflicts, including some destined for the streaming series. From her debut in Original Sin to her role in the Spider-Totems saga which likely informs the show's plot, her best comics reveal a character well worth exploring in live-action.
The Amazing Spider-Man #4 stands out among Silk's best comics as it introduces Cindy Moon to the Marvel Universe. The 2014 Original Sin storyline also provides perhaps Marvel Comics' most shocking retcon with the reveal that the same radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker also bit Cindy, giving them both similar but yet different powers.
The larger storyline concerns a complicated plot involving Uatu the Watcher's murder, but The Amazing Spider-Man #4, her first full appearance, is a must-read for Spider-Man fans in general.
Spider-Man and Silk kiss in a steamy and memorable opening splash page in The Amazing Spider-Man #5. That alone makes this issue significant for fans, especially looking down the road in live-action, but a lot is going on in this chapter. Silk and Spider-Man discover the truth about their origins, including her connection to Morlun.
Morlun counts among the most powerful Spider-Man villains a likely player in the streaming series given his connection to Spider-Totems and the Spider Society that guards them. This issue also provides important background on Cindy's family, who she seeks out after being freed from the clutches of Ezekiel.
The 2021 Silk volume puts Cindy Moon on a course that the streaming series very well could leverage. The first issue sees the character go to work for J. Jonah Jameson at Threats and Menaces, a tabloid news website. This website focuses on superheroes, their lives, and travails, leading to often contentious results.
The J. Jonah Jameson who appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home very much fits in with this mode from the comics and Cindy could find herself working for him in her live-action series.
War of the Realms: New Agents of Atlas #1 features a major milestone for Silk in comics. She joins the Asian American superhero team that includes Jimmy Woo, Shang-Chi, and Amadeus Cho, whose strength places him among the strongest Hulk variants in Marvel Comics. Together, they take on Sindr, the Immortal Queen of Muspelheim.
This superhero team seems likely in live-action, except with Silk belonging to the Sony Marvel Universe and Shang-Chi and Jimmy Woo in the MCU, rights issues could get in the way.
The Amazing Spider-Man #9 introduces critical concepts to the greater Spider-Man mythology that probably features in Silk's series. This issue introduces the Inheritors from Loomworld, who travel through the multiverse seeking Spider-Totems. They then destroy the totems, which are defended by the Spider Society.
With the Spider Society lending their name to the streaming series' title, it makes sense they appear. They also may bring major aspects from this storyline with them. The Spider-Totems represent multiversal entities connected with a cosmic force called the Web of Life and Destiny.
The Amazing Spider-Man #14 represents the conclusion of Spider-Verse, easily up there with the most important Marvel Comics events given its influence on other media. This issue features numerous Spider-Man variants including Silk in an epic battle against Morlun that is sure to make its way to the screen in some fashion.
This issue also gives Cindy Moon some big moments. She tries to understand her unusual and insatiable attraction to Peter Parker, which is overwhelming for both. She discovers that the connection they share doesn't necessarily carry over with other Peter variants.
Silk participates in great team-ups in the comics. Spider-Women, a 2016 crossover event, ranks with the best. This story sees Silk team up with Jessica Drew, the original comic book Spider-Woman, and Spider-Gwen, the variant from Earth-65. Things get complicated when Cindy finds out her Earth-65 variant played a role in Gwen getting her powers.
Silk ends up on the run with people thinking she's a villain after her counterpart steals Gwen's powers and triggers another multiversal adventure. With Gwen's importance in animation and eventually live-action, this storyline feels inevitable.
Silk #1 from 2015 launches her first solo series and vaults the character into the spotlight. This issue establishes her status quo as an investigative reporter with Fact Channel News who uses her journalism to uncover the truth about her missing family, something the show most likely adapts.
Cindy's search led to a violent confrontation with Black Cat. Black Cat certainly occupies a place in Sony's future live-action plans somewhere, and she could appear in the Spider Society series.
Silk's search for her parents reaches an epic conclusion in Silk #13. She discovers them in The Negative Zone, where they had been lost trying to find a cure for her powers as a child. This issue features fantastic art and epic battles with Cindy and her mother fighting demon-like creatures.
The Negative Zone belongs to the MCU as the Quantum Realm, meaning this concept is probably off-limits for the streaming series. Many other locales could take its place, including Loomworld.
Order of the Web in all likelihood offers the most for fans looking to learn more about Sony's future plans. This storyline brought together several Spider-Man variants and offshoots including Silk, Miles Morales, and Julia Carpenter as Madame Web to help save Spider-Man from Norman Osborn.
With a Madame Web movie coming starring Dakota Fanning, a live-action team-up featuring these characters and perhaps others seems in the cards. This 2020 storyline could serve as a blueprint for a future movie or streaming series.
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