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The adamantium-clawed Wolverine has several quotes that offer both emotional and hilarious insights into his complex personality.
With Hugh Jackman announcing his return as Wolverine last month, interest around his take on the adamantium-clawed mutant has naturally surged. His comic book adventures, on the other hand, are in full swing with new titles like Murderworld: Wolverine announced for next year.
As a standalone character, the X-Men and occasional Avenger has had his fair share of witty and rebellious one-liners. Be it fellow superheroes or seasoned adversaries, almost all the major Marvel characters have witnessed Wolverine's bratty energy in memorable fan-favorite quotes. At the same time, he can also have a few unexpected emotional moments as a mentor and father figure to other mutants, his pent-up affection coming out in some moving words.
Wolverine was born back in the 19th century as James Howlett, an identity he has tried giving up after his traumatic childhood, eventually picking up the name Logan after his family's groundskeeper Thomas Logan (who is also revealed to be his biological father in Wolverine: Origin). So, when he engages in a fight over his literal soul, Wolverine gets angered by Azrael referring to him as James, prompting him to remark," It's damn annoying how you keep calling me James. The name's Logan."
The quote is simple yet an effective intro, especially for new readers. Even though he himself has despised the namesake behind it, he has embraced his identity as Logan. The fact that he is bothered by his birth name even after centuries of existence just shows how distant he is from his own humanity, as the name meant something to him once. But ever since he discovered he was a mutant cursed with immortality, Logan has been his only other name.
Although he appears as a moody figure on the surface, Wolverine is quite caring as a mentor among other young characters within the X-Men. This is evident in his friendship with members like Nightcrawler, X-23, and Kitty Pryde. The latter, in fact, dies for a brief while in Wolverine: First Class despite Logan's best attempts at saving her from the forces of Crystal Dynamo and other villains. Holding her corpse, he laments, "You were supposed to be my responsibility. I was supposed to keep you safe…"
The quote enhances a tender moment for the character. It succeeds at showing how Wolverine might want the world to see him as a stone-hearted loner, but in actuality, he, too, has feelings. Cursed with his regenerative healing, he has survived through thick and thin only to see beloved comrades die in his arms. The fact that he takes accountability for Kitty's death goes on to show the vast emotional burden Logan carries with every new mission.
Savage Wolverine lives up to its name, showcasing its titular protagonist's brutality while also balancing his humanitarian attitudes, particularly towards wild animals. When he takes down hunters like Kraven to protect endangered species, he breaks down with this aggressive yet emotional line.
Be it the time when he was used as a labrat for Project X or all the times when he has been side-crossed by others, Wolverine has been manipulated and used, treated as an experiment more than an actual individual. Hence, his brooding personality and solitary nature seem justified. Relating to the wild animals in the African grasslands, he rightfully takes up their fight in this particular arc.
When he's not busy unleashing chaos with his claws, Wolverine is also able to deliver some memorable sarcastic quips, as is evident from this jab at Doctor Strange.
As is common in the Doctor Strange comic storylines, the Sorcerer Supreme breaks down into one of his complicated discussions about the metaphysical nature of the mystic arts, only to get shunned down by Wolverine in just one line here. The quote is a perfect representation of his unabashed attitude towards others, no matter who the other person is. Not only Strange, even the typical "nice guys" of the Marvel pantheon like Captain America and Spider-Man have faced the brunt of his rudeness.
While Wolverine is clearly not the ideal role model for young X-Men, he is always ready to be the first one to protect them from danger or even give them some unexpected advice.
But his own sense of adrenaline can jeopardize their lives and set a bad precedent. When some young mutants similarly find themselves astray from the path of morality that Wolverine ultimately stands for, he takes it upon himself to make things right. In a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence, readers can also see Wolverine actually shedding tears in this issue as he gets candid with Storm, touching upon how his very presence spells doom for the ones in his vicinity. One can't help but empathize with him after this moment.
Even though his healing factor makes him virtually immortal, some of the best Wolverine comics have explored scenarios of Wolverine's death, such as the aptly titled Death of Wolverine event in which a virus finally weakens the mutant. As he faces an imminent demise, Wolverine makes some final amends by saving the ones who need to be saved and butchering the ones who deserve it.
"No more doing something horrible and telling myself I've got until the end of damn time to make up for it. No. Just one lifetime, where every choice matters." This introspective monologue comes in response to Kitty and him discussing how he can hopefully age like a human sans the healing factor. The quote proves how self-aware Wolverine is of his actions in the past, abandoning people or letting them die for his failings. With death finally coming around, he can heave a sigh of relief, away from all the guilt and nightmares.
Despite his intimidating aura, Wolverine isn't that physically huge, with his short height often being the butt of jokes within the team.
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When the mutant serial killer Frankie encounters Wolverine, he just mockingly says if it's actually the legendary X-Man in the flesh or just an actor in a cheap costume. Always ready for a sarcastic comeback, Wolverine joins in the joke by saying Frankie might have mistaken him for Tom Cruise, arguably one of the most popular epitomes of being a "short king" (the actor stands at 5'7" while Wolverine is canonically 5'3"). This quote would, however, not be applicable in the X-Men movies, given how Hugh Jackman measures 6'3".
Through several X-Men comic books, the "fastball special" has been one of Wolverine's constant battle moves, often performed with Colossus holding Wolverine (who wraps himself in a ball on his palm) and throwing him in the air like a projectile.
In She-Hulk's titular series, even the green Avenger performs the fastball special, doubling in for Colossus. But given her usual cheeky humor, she ends up making a comment or two about Wolverine's "firm lil butt." Only a few people can embarrass Wolverine, and for that reason alone, his reply makes it to the list as he shyly tells her not to talk about the move in detail. As expected, he says it all with a grumpy straight face, trying his best not to display any signs of embarrassment.
Expert markswoman Domino has had her ups and downs as an antihero. As her internal tussles and moral compass keeps on fluctuating in X-Force, she gets some surprising moral reassurance from Wolverine.
Not a perfect hero himself, Wolverine knows what it feels like to be judged by others. All his life, he has been trying to mend himself and make up for all the times he came off as troubled or "broken." So, with him out of all people coming to Domino's assistance, it does show how far Logan has come. For all the comic book readers who feel Wolverine is just a slouch, this simple yet heartwarming quote would prove them wrong.
The first time Wolverine starred in his own standalone series was the eponymous four-part miniseries penned and illustrated by comic book legends Chris Claremont and Frank Miller.
And this comic also ended up debuting one of the most popular superhero catchphrases of all time, a quote that has become synonymous with Wolverine throughout several decades. In an era when all heroes were ideal role models, Wolverine added some antiheroic gray areas that made him quite a historic character. This intro line preceding his violent exploits only goes on to sum up his brash and cocky personality for generations to come.
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