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There are several characters in comics whose lives began at the moment of their deaths.
Usually, death is the end of the story, but for some characters, it is just the beginning of the adventure. Either through supernatural means, divine intervention from any number of gods from different pantheons, literal deals with various devils, or just people caught up in the whims of fate, these characters have moved beyond death and into another plane of existence where life beyond normal life began.
The idea of cheating death is a popular and enduring one with creators, as this concept spans the breadth of comic book history, with the oldest example having been created at the beginning of the Golden Age by one of the earliest architects of costumed heroes, and the newest created just after the turn of the century. Ghosts are the most common, but not only, vehicle used by creators to allow their characters to release their mortal coil and utilize the bodies of the living, containment suits, their own reanimated bodies, or most likely just their raw ectoplasmic form to exist in the world.
It is a common trope in comics that very few characters ever stay dead forever. Many characters die and are resurrected within a few years, the next story arc or, if they have an “X” on their front cover, the next issue. But for the following heroes and villains, becoming dead is when their story came to life. They are better off dead and should stay that way.
Kid Eternity was originally created by Otto Binder and Sheldon Moldoff in 1942’s Hit Comics #25. He began life as an unnamed character simply called “Kid” by his unnamed grandpa. One day, the Kid was fishing with his grandfather and their boat was sunk by a U-boat, killing them both. As it was 75 years before his intended time of death, Kid was given the chance to return to Earth and “uphold good in the world” by summoning historical figures to assist him. When he was revived by DC Comics, he became Christopher “Kit” Freeman, the previously unknown brother of Freddy Freeman, aka Captain Marvel Jr.
Prolific creator Grant Morrison crafted a darker version of Kit’s origin. The grandfather was a sexual predator, the “Heaven” Kit went to was actually crafted by the Lords of Chaos, and the figures he called upon are demons impersonating historical figures. Christopher was killed by Mordru as he sought to wipe out all the Lords of Chaos.
Kid Eternity returned in Teen Titans #31 when the newest Brother Blood used him to wedge the doorway open between life and death. With the help of the Titans, he was freed and defeated Blood. Christopher also defeated his Keeper among the Lords of Chaos but was stripped of most of his powers. The Lords of Order offered her protection but now Kit could only summon someone for 66 seconds at a time

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