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The Joker definitely should have been front and centre in Suicide Squad.
Nobody is perfect. It’s a fact of life that everyone makes mistakes, but what matters is how you learn from them and how you look back on them. Do you deny them and keep on going forward as though nothing happened, or do you admit them and own them, no matter how tough it may be?
In the world of cinema, this can be extremely tough, as these mistakes can often lead to the loss of millions of dollars, and in some cases can stop a movie franchise dead in its tracks. Of course, this then leads to the loss of even more money, and potentially jobs in the future.
Then there are the fans. There aren’t many fan bases quite like comic book fans, in that they know what they want and if something isn’t right or to their taste, they will damn sure let you know about it. Directing a comic book movie is a tightrope walk in this regard, and plenty have made mistakes along the way.
From plot holes and goofs that didn’t quite make sense, to taking completely the wrong approach to a movie on a fundamental level, comic book movie creators have made always made mistakes, though only certain people have actually admitted it.
From Iron Man right through until Avengers: Endgame 11 years later, there were several aspects fans came to expect from every MCU release. One such moment everyone knew they would see was the guaranteed cameo from the legend himself, Stan Lee.
These came in many forms across the years, with some fans theorising that the Marvel titan was in fact playing a Watcher in the MCU, and was the same character throughout every single movie. This was something that James Gunn ultimately confirmed in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2.
In this particular scene, Lee can be seen discussing his roles with a group of Watchers on a desolate planet, including ‘that time’ he was a FedEx driver. This of course was referring to when he delivered a parcel to Tony Stank at the conclusion of Captain America: Civil War.
The problem here is that, although Guardians Volume 2 was released after Civil War, its events were set before, so Stan Lee hadn’t yet made this particular appearance. James Gunn did own up to his mistake, even if he then tried to get out of it by claiming the character had been a FedEx driver on more than one occasion.
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