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With Dawn of DC kicking off in 2023, DC Comics has the chance to give some of their underserved characters new ongoing comics.
DC Comics has the most diverse line-up of comic characters ever. While the last few years have been rather Batman-heavy, 2023 is looking to be a year that changes that. The publisher is using the end of Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths and the upcoming event Lazarus Planet as a new starting point with "Dawn of DC." Many new books have already been announced, exciting fans about the future of the DC Universe.
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However, that doesn't mean there aren't characters who still seem to be left behind. Fans have an extensive wishlist of heroes they want to see in the spotlight and while DC has a treasure trove of characters to tap into, what's been announced barely scrapes the surface.
Earth's Green Lanterns are a diverse lot. Hal Jordan and John Stewart are both getting their own books, but the great thing about the Green Lanterns is that there is plenty of room for adventure. Jessica Cruz would be perfect for a solo book. Cruz has a Justice League stint under her belt and shared Green Lanterns with Simon Baz, but she can definitely helm her own series.
Jessica Cruz is so interesting because of all she overcame in order to become Green Lantern. Jessica earned her ring and her ability to use it is second to none. She's been a co-star for years, but it's time to give her a chance to shine on her own.
There are few heroes out there with Mister Terrific's pedigree. Michael Holt is an Olympic gold medal decathlete, a multiple Ph.D. holder, and a billionaire industrialist who owns TerrifiTech. The former leader of the Justice Society of America, Terrific has been adrift since the New 52. His first solo series was a failure, but he did much better in The Terrifics, a team book that was intended to be DC's answer to the Fantastic Four.
Terrific has made appearances in The Flash and Strange Adventures recently, as well as Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths. He's an amazing character, one that can be expanded upon in a solo book. Terrific is basically Batman, but likable, so a book starring him should be a snap.
The Doom Patrol is getting a book in 2023, but there's one member who would make a great solo star. Flex Mentallo had a Vertigo miniseries in the late '90s, but little else since then. The coming year would be perfect for a new series starring the Man of Muscle Mystery.
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Flex Mentallo is such a bizarre character, and that's why he works so well. He's a Silver Age throwback with nebulous abilities that give writers the ability to do basically anything with the character. He can have adventures in any corner of the DC Universe if he's done well.
DC is home to many underrated teams, but none has been so underrated in recent years as the Legion of Super-Heroes. The team's place in DC history is very important, as they were the first big-name team of teen heroes ever. Since Crisis on Infinite Earths, the Legion has rarely been able to hit the same heights as they did in the Silver and Bronze Age, but there's no reason that can't happen again.
The Legion of Super-Heroes' most recent reboot wasn't exactly unsuccessful, but it wasn't successful either. The malleability of the Legion means that DC can stick with the newest version, or bring back another. With a newly infinite multiverse out there, the possibilities for the Legion are endless.
The various Wonder Girls have all been fan favorites to an extent, but the original is still the best. Donna Troy is a character whose origin has been complicated immensely by the various multiversal upheavals of the DC Multiverse, but she's still a remarkably simple character. Boiled down to her essence, Donna is a hero who will go to any lengths to protect the innocent and the people she loves.
A Donna Troy series just needs to use that as its guiding light. Everyone seems to want to make sense of her origin, but that's not really needed. She's a perfect white-bread superhero, and focusing on that would work.
DC is the king of horror when it comes to the Big Two. DC has the best monsters and magic users, but it feels like there's one sorcerer who is hugely popular but rarely gets a chance at solo stardom. Zatanna is DC's most popular magic user, having been a member of the Justice League, leader of the Justice League Dark, and a member of the Seven Soldiers. She's also rarely given a solo series.
Zatanna having her own book should be a no-brainer. She's the premiere magic-using superhero of the DC Universe, one that pretty much every DC fan loves. Put the right team on her book and fans would lose their minds. Zatanna is full of potential, and 2023 could be the year she finally gets a successful solo book.
Few DC heroes are more powerful than Superman or as great a hero. Supergirl fits both of those categories. She's always had the potential to be greater than her cousin, but she's rarely gotten a chance. Supergirl hasn't had a solo ongoing in a few years, but she did get the brilliant eight-issue miniseries Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow, by Tom King and Bilquis Evely, which reminded everyone why she's such a great character.
Supergirl not having an ongoing just doesn't feel right. She's a DC icon, and she needs a book to match that. If anything, a new series could build on the success of Woman Of Tomorrow – taking her into space and having her be a hero to the rest of the universe while her cousin stays on Earth – would make for an amazing book.
Vixen has always been immensely popular. She survived the Detroit League era of the Justice League basically unscathed, has since rejoined the Justice League, and led her own Justice League team in the Rebirth Era. Her Tantu Totem allows her to tap into the Red, giving her multiple powers and abilities.
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Vixen is a versatile hero in battle, and there really hasn't been much done with her as a character. She's a supermodel who helps a lot of charities, but other than that, she's an open book. Her status quo is a jet-setting hero who is always ready to help anyone who needs it, which leaves her wide open for story options.
Hawkman has been around for decades, having debuted in the Golden Age. He's led the Justice Society and was a member of the Justice League for years. The vagaries of post-Crisis DC continuity haven't always been kind to the Winged Wonder, but Hawkman's most recent series cleaned things up and gave him his best origin in years.
Hawkman is an icon and is perfect for a solo book. He's an action hero, one who has lived hundreds of lives throughout time and space. That gives him so many options for stories, especially with an entirely new multiverse out there to explore.
Black Canary has always been the bridesmaid but never the bride. She's always been the co-star, line in Green Arrow or Deathstroke, Inc., or starred in team books like Justice League of America or JSA. Even her days in Birds Of Prey saw her as a part of an ensemble. She's barely had any solo books to her name.
Black Canary is the best of the best. She has a long history in DC, reaching back to the Golden Age, and deserves a solo book as much as anyone. She's always had her place among DC's greatest heroes, and finally giving her an ongoing is long overdue.
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