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Recent films have proven the success of comic adaptations, but Redditors are eager to see the reverse with these franchises that deserve comic series!
While films like the newly released Wakanda Forever continue to demonstrate the success of comic-book-to-screen adaptations, the popularity of some franchises is so potent and evergreen that the reversal of that dynamic (screen-to-comic-books) has proven to be just as profitable.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for example, found so much success on television that it spawned its own original comic series in 1998, one that has continued even into 2022; similarly, the Transformers franchise also found immense acclaim in its companion comic book forms, with the series further perpetuating its popularity. Today, Redditors have recommended some of their favorite on-screen franchises that should further their legacy and fame through comic book storytelling.
Although there was a limited prequel series released a few years ago, fans are eager to see a more extensive comic book narrative involving John Wick. Redditor OrionLinksComic believes the creators should tie them into the film universe "in such a way that [they] don't reveal everything."
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The John Wick series has already proven itself to be entertaining and adored, with the fourth installment coming up. The excessive action, high-paced storylines, and Wick's own suave and heroic yet flawed personality would all translate well into a successful comic book series.
The Indiana Jones franchise is seen as one of the best movie quadrilogies ever. Hence, it prompts fans like Redditor Saito09 to note how while "there was some way back when, [they] find it strange we haven't seen more Indiana Jones comics," given its immense popularity.
While Marvel and Dark Horse comics were known to print out several limited Indiana Jones comics in prior years, they faced a rapid decline that didn't line up with the franchise's continued love and fame. Because of this, fans hope for a consistent comic book adaptation that reflects the evergreen quality of the epic adventures, and this would be the optimum time to release them, given 2023's highly anticipated fifth installment.
The God of War franchise has already proven its worth in the comic book world through the limited series that was released between 2010 and 2011. However, a decade later, fans like Redditor Equal-Ad-2710 are still commenting that a more developed and continuous "comic anthology could be super cool."
With all of its impressive world-building and characterizations, the God of War game series has plenty of content in overlapping genres to succeed as a thoroughly fleshed-out, diverse, and expansive comic series with plenty of emotional gut-punches from the God of War games to incorporate. Plus, its enticing and refreshing take on classic mythology would be just as eagerly consumed as its on-screen stories.
Avid fans of the espionage genre will remember OSS 117, the French double agent who received numerous film adaptations. Redditor Rockyraccoon88 stated they would love to see the franchise remade into a comic series, given the "lack of good comedy titles," and specifically "in the vein of the Jean Dujardin," who has donned the role since 2006.
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OSS 117's embodiment of popular spy tropes, along with Dujardin's caricatured depiction of the original character, would make for an entertaining series, offering readers a fine balance of action, amusement, and fun.
While Metal Gear Solid is one of the video games fans didn't know had comic books, it hasn't made any notable graphic novels since those that were released in the late 2000s. The video game franchise has grown significantly since its early releases, and part of why it would make for a worthwhile comic book series today.
Redditor OrionLinksComic notes that comic renditions of chapters like the Rising sequel "could complicate it all [they] don't care because [they] love it either way." Given its mass popularity, prior graphic novel success, complex characters, and provocative themes, the on-screen franchise would undoubtedly translate well onto paper.
The Codename: Kids Next Door may have been too short-lived on-screen, but it has since remained cherished and re-watched by fans as one of the best Cartoon Network shows.
Redditor Alienboy13 would "really like to see Kids Next Door get adapted into a comic book" for "a continuation of the series." The show's unique character designs, hilarious premise (of a heroic group of five kids resisting older forces), and the already slick animation design already make it prime content for comic books. Plus, the show's nostalgia is sure to help its popularity and continued legacy.
Adapted from the popular novel series by Robert Ludlum, the Bourne franchise is a high-stakes, action-packed adventure from start to finish. With ongoing acclaim and pop culture relevance, fans like Redditor 44035 now would "like to see a comic book based on the Jason Bourne books/movies," returning the franchise to its text roots.
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From the amnesia-driven storyline, plethora of interesting characters from the books, movies, and series (Treadstone), and the continuous thrills provided by the beloved action classic, Bourne would undoubtedly make for a great comic book saga.
Since it's release, The Purge franchise gained success thanks to its intriguing and haunting premise, which merged the genres of dystopian adventure with horror in a refreshing way throughout films and a short TV series.
It's captivating, innovative, and in-your-face storytelling is reflective of a great comic book series, with Redditor OrionLinksComic thinking no other "film series embodies [those elements] more perfectly than The Purge." Given its already vastly built dystopian world and all the conflict involving the Purge and its resistance, the franchise would be perfect for a horror anthology that could both chart and further expand the various journeys touched upon within the originals.
Some of the best Vin Diesel movies were from The Chronicles of Riddick, a franchise which started out in film and then quickly branched off into other media forms. This is precisely why Redditor Saito09 thinks "Riddick could be a good one to explore [in comics], given its already had games and an animated film."
The anti-hero trope especially is one that sets up The Chronicles of Riddick to be a success, along with its merging of science-fiction and action to produce an enthralling tale. Plus, prior animations (such as Slam City) demonstrated the great character design and potential as a comic book.
The original The Twilight Zone series has numerous comic book adaptations, but fans would like to see the most recent reboot of the franchise in comic book form. Redditor OrionLinksComic states they "think [the] Jordan Peele reboot needs more love."
Not only would a comic book adaptation canonize Peele's series as part of the beloved franchise and place it at an equal level, but Peele's exploration of important social issues within the anthology makes it that much more deserving. Besides, Peele has already proven his caliber as a storyteller, and translating his stories into comic books would only elevate the narrative of the series' reboot.
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