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A new year brings in a slew of new titles. While superhero fare dominates Marvel’s, DC’s, and Image’s line-up, the genre’s looking bright in 2023.
2022 was filled with amazing comics from every publisher, giving fans of all different genres plenty to read for the year. However, 2023 is shaping up to be just as amazing for comic book fans. Over at Marvel, new series are bringing back major heroes who haven't spent much time in the spotlight, recently.
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Meanwhile, over at DC, the company appears to be gearing up to move past the Infinite Frontier era. The Dawn of DC will bring 20 different ongoing series over the year, giving fans plenty to look forward to. As ever, there's also more to comics than the Big Two, so there's no better time to be a comic book fan.
In March, Greg Rucka, Eric Trautmann, Mike Henderson, Nolan Woodard, and Ariana Maher team up for a new project coming to Image Comics. Inspired by series like Heavy Metal, Forged looks to bring fans a taste of the kind of ridiculous pulp adventures comic fans used to get from indie comics of the '80s and early '90s.
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In Forged, the focus is on a squad of super-soldiers who get sent on a mission that spins out of control fast. The creators have been hyping up the story's frenetic action and creative alien worlds that make it sound like a fun time. Not every story has to be a super-serious, after all.
It's possible the only reason Wasp is getting a new comic series is because of the film in 2023. None of that matters though, as both Nadia and Janet Van Dyne are two of Marvel's best characters. Putting them in the hands of Al Ewing and Kasia Nie is exactly what these characters deserve.
Unstoppable Wasp was one of Marvel's better recent comics, and hopefully, this new creative team can tap into some of that magic. This time around, Janet and Nadia will work together to deal with an old threat from Janet's past, bringing some of Marvel's most determined female heroes together to work their magic.
Tom Taylor's Superman: Son of Kal-El did a great job showing Jon Kent learning to stand on his own two feet. He's become his own man, and even managed to find love, though Jay might not be his best option. Though that comic has come to an end, that's not the end of Jon Kent's ongoing stories.
In March, DC's Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent hits the stands, giving Jon a new mission. In this new comic, Jon will have to face the man who kidnapped him as a child, the villainous Ultraman. In this story, Ultraman has been killing Supermen across the multiverse, and Jon will have to rely on the Superman of Earth-2, Val-Zod, to help him overcome the Crime Syndicate's new threat.
The Massive-Verse is a new shared universe created by Kyle Higgins and a handful of other comic creators. There, they can let ideas like Radiant Black, Rogue Sun, and more all play around in the same universe. The latest storyline up is No One, from Brian Buccellato, Kyle Higgins, and Geraldo Borges.
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In No One, the Massive-Verse gets its first big superhero crime storyline. The miniseries introduces a costumed vigilante fighting crime in Pittsburgh, a city struggling to discover the person responsible for a series of deadly murders.Superhero noir always feels good and this may be the Massive-Verse's first major mystery.
Joshua Williamson is getting his chance to write the Man of Steel this February with Superman #1. After months away from Earth dealing with the events of the Warworld Saga, this comic gives Superman a chance to go back to basics. Having recently put Lex Luthor in jail for his actions, Superman finds a new problem from Lex he has to deal with.
That's just the start of Superman's problems though, as he's also forced to battle against a more powerful Parasite. Lastly, he'll have to discover the truth behind a new vigilante in Metropolis known as Marilyn Moonlight, and that's just in the first two issues. It looks like a dynamic new year for the Man of Steel.
It's true, Doctor Strange has had something of a rough go of it lately. Hopefully, all of that is about to turn around for the character when he gets a new comic by Jed Mackay and Pasqual Ferry in March. Brought back to life, Strange will be teaming up with his ex-wife Clea, the Sorcerer Supreme of Two Dimensions, and his best friend Wong, to do what only he can.
Doctor Strange's opening issue sounds very much like a return-to-basics story. When a character keeps dealing with status quo shifts, fans usually look for a classic comic about their favorite characters, resetting the baseline before introducing another slew of major changes.
Long-time fans of Green Lantern have plenty to look forward to in 2023. After several years with only one Green Lantern series, DC is finally planning to expand the franchise. Green Lantern: Hal Jordan and Green Lantern: John Stewart will both find their way to shelves in 2023.
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While Green Lantern: Hal Jordan will bring Hal back to Earth to get him into traditional superhero adventures, Green Lantern: John Stewart aims to show John as the military-trained leader he's always been. Though there are still a ton of Earth Green Lanterns on the outs, for now just having more than one ongoing series is exciting.
Creator Emma Kubert makes a splash on a project all her own in March with the series Stoneheart. This new action-adventure series focuses on a young girl named Shayde Whisper.
Shayde is a bubbly girl who's been exiled from her guild, traveling to a city known as Lightspring Canyon in the hopes of finding her place in the world. While she has every intention of becoming a great blacksmith, she'll have to do something about the voice in her head first. A story promising romance, action, and plenty of humor, hopefully Stoneheart is the next big Image Comics hit.
In April, DC finally gives Superboy fans what they've been begging for and allows Conner Kent to have his own comic book again. Thanks to the hero winning the 2022 DC Round Robin tournament, Superboy is getting his own miniseries in Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow.
This new miniseries sees Superboy try to figure out his place in the world after reappearing in a heavily retconned universe. In this new reality, there's already a young Superman and the Super-Family is larger than ever. Who's he going to be with the pressure off his shoulders?
In June, Mark Waid teams up with Dan Mora to bring fans their version of DC's Shazam! This time around, Billy's back to being the champion of Shazam. However, unlike most Shazam stories lately, it doesn't look like dour adventures are on the horizon.
Instead, Shazam's focusing on a young superhero still trying to gain experience and be the best hero he can be. With the restrictions off him, Billy's able to turn the Rock of Eternity into a secret clubhouse and hang out with his best pal, Tawky Tawny. Fans of Billy Batson will have a lot to look forward to in June.
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