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The year-long Dawn of DC event will feature new, exciting comic book titles including Shazam, and the returns of Superboy and the Doom Patrol.
In November 2022, DC Comics announced a slew of new comic book titles to debut in 2023 at the end of its Lazarus Planet event. The era dubbed Dawn of DC is set to be a year-long event that promises to deliver more fresh titles to DC's publishing schedule than any time since Rebirth. With the publisher becoming increasingly Batman-centric in recent times, these new titles promise a breath of fresh air.
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If Dawn of DC lives up to its full potential, it could be viewed by fans as a soft continuation of the Rebirth era, which most remember fondly as a great time for DC. The combinations of star creative teams with some of the publisher's best characters has always landed well with fans, and this time should be no different. In 2023, fans will have plenty to look forward to from the Dawn of DC event.
Conner Kent has been one of the less appreciated heroes in the DC universe, but has always been a fan-favorite, especially for Superman fans. The character has been the most known Superboy – after Clark himself – first arriving in the aftermath of Superman's death at the hands of Doomsday.
Conner has recently been working alongside the Suicide Squad, and has found footing as his own man in the world of DC. After winning DC's last Round Robin, the series – helmed by Kenny Porter and Jahnoy Lindsay – will see Conner Kent's Superboy exploring a new world.
Joshua Williamson taking up Green Arrow will return one of DC's best street level heroes to his own series, one that hasn't had an ongoing for a few years. Green Arrow has had some memorable runs in the past, notably by Kevin Smith, Dennis O'Neil and Keith Giffen.
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However, Williamson – along with artist Sean Izaakse – are due to deliver the latest series for the modern day Robin Hood in April. The series will explore Oliver Queen and his family as they come under threat from dangerous forces intent on keeping them divided.
John Henry Irons, better known as Steel, has been one of the best supporting heroes in the expansive cast of Superman's Metropolis. First debuting in the "Reign of the Supermen" arc following Superman's death, he has proven himself an excellent action hero in his own right.
The hammer-wielding hero, protected by his suit of armor and working with his niece, will bring something extra to the story of Metropolis. The series will also allow more evolution to Natasha, likely showing how she will grow into a superhero and possibly lead to a wider Steel family.
Unfortunately, Cyborg has been one of the more neglected DC heroes since the Rebirth era ended but the DCEU has shown fan interest. The Cyborg solo book ended in 2018, and the character has since only featured in Justice League Odyssey or smaller roles in bigger team books.
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But Cyborg is a character full of potential, serving as one of DC's better younger heroes as well as one of its best tech heroes. Although the creative team is still to be announced, DC's description that the title will see Cyborg help shape the future of Earth is full of intrigue.
Hal Jordan is set for a return not only to Earthly adventures but also a solo book, one that takes Hal back to his action-based roots. Jordan's treatment under Geoff Johns helped reinvigorate fan interest in the Green Lantern book, turning it into one of DC's flagship titles.
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps was one of Rebirth's best titles, and fans have wanted to see Hal back in action since it ended in 2018. Seeing him return to Earth under Mariko Tomaki will be a great return for the character and fans alike, and come with potential for some Earthbound team-ups too.
With all the Batman titles in print, the resurrection of The Brave and the Bold was inevitable at some point. The series matches Batman with heroes from across the DC universe, sending the heroes on shared adventures that push the limits of imagination.
While it would be better to have the series open to any heroes and not constrained to Batman, having the title back is a great update for DC. The title should allow creators to shine a spotlight on some of DC's more obscure heroes and villains, which has always been the book's charm.
Joshua Williamson has been one of DC's most dedicated creators since Infinite Frontier kicked off, and has delivered consistently solid titles. Pairing him with Superman is a no-brainer of a decision and Williamson is an ideal choice to bring an action-packed Man of Steel.
Thanks to the work of Phillip Kennedy Johnson, the appetite for Superman stories has grown. The series also shows fans that DC is serious about putting more attention and effort into Clark Kent Superman, who is after all DC's flagship superhero.
Fans of the weirder side of DC have always looked to the Doom Patrol as one of the most creative and unique titles going. With a history of excellent creators like Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack defining the team, as well as a TV series, this is the perfect time for fans to get a Doom Patrol book.
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The Unstoppable Doom Patrol is due for release in March 2023, and will pair Dennis Culver and Chris Burnham as they follow the team in the aftermath of Lazarus Planet. According to DC's press release, the team will be "saving the world by saving its monsters."
Phillip Kennedy Johnson's Action Comics has been one of the best runs on any hero at DC in recent years, already producing the instant classic "Warworld Saga." Fans have been vocal in their desire to see Johnson pen a cosmic series like Justice League or Green Lantern.
Now, DC has answered those fans, bringing Phillip Kennedy Johnson onboard to write fan-favorite Green Lantern the marine John Stewart. Johnson, himself an enlisted military man, is the perfect match for this hero as well as one of DC's best writers available.
While some may question why Shazam! would prove such a great run, the character has been a consistent source of great storytelling throughout his history. The likes of Jerry Ordway's Power of Shazam and Geoff Johns's own run have shown the character's infinite potential for whacky and imaginative directions.
With Mark Waid and Dan Mora being DC's current runaway success on World's Finest, their combined tone is perfect for a hero like Shazam. Putting two of comics' most creative talents on one of the most imaginative books will surely lead to all out fun.
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