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Romance is a key part of DC comics lure, but some couples have raised the eyebrows of the most seasoned readers.
DC Comics has never shied away from highlighting romantic relationships in its various series. Most recently, the comic book giant confirmed the end of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy's love affair in the latest Poison Ivy release, which has left many fans heartbroken as this couple was popular and, for most, made sense.
But this hasn't always been the case with DC, as many of their romantic pairings have been strange and unusual even by comic standards and have left fans wondering what creators were thinking when they put certain characters together. Over the years, many of DC's strangest romances have fizzled out, but comic readers will never forget the love affairs that had them scratching their heads.
Batman comics have always included strange romances, and while his relationship with Wonder Woman is on the lower end of unusual, it was an odd pairing overall. The two heroes may work together, but they have vastly different ways of approaching those suspected of being villains and the apparent villains they battle several times over.
While both have a code of conduct, Batman often jumps to violent means of getting information and defeating his foes. At the same time, Wonder Woman approaches situations with peace and diplomacy first. Even though the characters' relationship created a feeling of darkness and light coming together, the pair had different backgrounds and upbringings, so it was clear they were odd together.
Another one of Batman's romantic conquests that puzzled readers was his relationship with Poison Ivy. For some, this relationship was weird because the pairing of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy has become popular with readers, and seeing Ivy with anyone else doesn't seem right, especially since the Harley Quinn HBO series has Ivy and Harley as a couple which could influence the way readers to frame the characters in the comics.
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Much like his relationship with Wonder Woman, Batman and Poison Ivy have opposing viewpoints on how things should be done when it comes to bringing their own forms of justice. Poison Ivy is not above killing her targets, whereas Batman has a strict no-killing rule that he abides by no matter how evil the villain is. But despite their morals being misaligned, there is an undeniable attraction between Batman and Poison Ivy that creates a tension-filled relationship that is as baffling as it is captivating.
While Superman being in a relationship with Big Barda was weird to some since it is not one of his usual love interests, the romance between these two only got more bizarre when it was revealed that a villain by the name of Sleez was manipulating them to be together to make an adult film, as recalled by Comic Book Resource. Even though the pairing was short-lived, it remains infamous with comic book fans since it not only made a strange romance come to life but had a shock value that fans were not expecting from a usually family-friendly hero.
Beyond the tape later played in the comic, Barda was married to Mr. Miracle at the time. Seeing Superman engaged with another hero's wife was not commonplace, especially with Superman's strict moral code. Overall the short-lived romance was weird for even the most seasoned comic book readers.
For most readers seeing Lois Lane with anyone but Clark Kent/Superman is weird enough since the pair have been together for most of the characters' existence. Still, in Superman The New 52, Lois Lane has no initial interest in Clark Kent and has a boyfriend named John Carroll.
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Unlike other comics, this wasn't a villain masquerading as a love interest to get back at Superman; it was simply a new direction for Lois and Clark. As DC noted, the character was meant to make readers feel sorry for Clark as he saw the woman he loved with another man; however, it didn't stick. Even for long-term fans, who had seen Lois and Clark breakup and makeup repeatedly, not seeing them together was too strange, and John Carroll was dropped from the series.
Lois Lane and Superman's relationship has been perfectly summed up many times as the couple has always made sense to readers, except for a storyline that came in the silver age of comics where the two were wed as babies. Superman's Girl Friend Lois Lane #42, "The Romance of Superbaby and Baby Lois," showed the two children getting married in a room full of adults who didn't seem to find the ceremony cute rather than bizarre.
The synopsis of the comic provided by Goodreads notes that a youth serum is what caused Lois and Clark to turn into babies; however, it also mentions Lois was tricking Superman into marriage, which made the storyline even weirder considering the pair were supposed to be dating and madly in love at the time. Overall the wedding was an odd sight for readers in the 60s and will live on in comic history as another weird Lois and Superman moment.
Supergirl and her horse began a romance in the same era that Superbaby was walking down the aisle, making this time in comics an especially strange one for romance storylines. Even though Comet was a centaur at one point, that didn't take away from the weird nature of seeing Supergirl starting to fall in love with her animal companion.
Comet also had transformative properties that allowed him to turn into a man from time to time, which made the romance even more confusing as it was unclear if Supergirl was falling for her companion in his horse form or his human form more. But readers didn't have to endure the relationship for too long as the storyline fizzled out as the series continued, and Comet found new lovers to connect with.
Abby Arcane isn't known for having many romantic encounters outside of her marriage to Swamp Thing, but in the 80s, she had a brief romance with John Constantine. As one of the most powerful versions of Swamp Thing, the character was forced to possess a human body to reproduce with his wife to save the world, which DC noted as shocking and unbelievable.
The choice of human to possess confused fans as Abby had made it clear she was not attracted to John in any way and found it hard even to consider conceiving his child, as shown in Swamp Thing #76, even though her true love was in control of his body. Despite the state of the world deepened on their being together for a brief moment, seeing Abby with anyone but her husband and someone she didn't like in the slightest was an odd pairing.
Supergirl had yet another strange romance in the 90s when she was coupled with Lex Luthor, even though he was lying about his identity, which shocked fans as heroes and villains being together had always had a tone of being taboo. One of the weirdest elements of Action Comics #677 wasn't that this romance started with a lie but that it was obvious to everyone but Supergirl, who is usually cunning and able to detect lies easily.
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Even after being told by other heroes that her boyfriend was not the man she thought he was, Supergirl continued to see Luthor through rose-colored glasses. The pairing eventually crumbled as the truth was revealed. However, seeing Supergirl get so caught up in a love interest was a turn for the character that was unexpected.
With the release of Aquaman 2 slated to be one of DC's biggest movies in 2023, readers may want to revisit some of his romantic storylines from comic books' past. While Aquaman usually is faithful to Mera, the Flashpoint universe paired him with Wonder Woman, which devolved into a war between the Atlanteans and the Amazons. Wonder Woman, who took on a much more villainous role in this comic, was once married to Aquaman to join their feuding kingdoms together, which wasn't that strange.
The storyline became bizarre when Wonder Woman killed Mera and then made a mockery of her death. Seeing Wonder Woman feud with one of her beloved partners was odd as she usually tries to solve things diplomatically with her lovers. It was also strange as it was clear Wonder Woman still loved Aquaman and starting a war because a man was against most of her character's lore from previous universes.
Harley Quinn has been involved in many odd romances, recounted in the miniseries Harley's Little Black Book, including when she found herself in a romantic situation with herself from another universe. For some fans, this was the best possible romance as Harley has been their crush for a long time, but for others, it was a strange multi-universal scenario that broke all the rules of traveling from universe to universe.
As noted by DC, this addition to the series included the DC Bombshells, which provided a very different version of Harley than the one running at the time of publication. But even though the characters were vastly different, it was still weird to see Harley romance herself for a brief time, especially since it was a one-shot with no follow-up consequences revealed.
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