$80,000 Of Graded Comics Stolen From Canadian Comic Store – Bleeding Cool News

According to their social media, CaptCan Comics of Brantford, Ontario, in Canada, have been the victims of theft, including a $24,000 FF #1.
CaptCan Comics of Brantford, Ontario, in Canada, posted the sad news on social media earlier today that they had been the victims of a smash and grab. They posted the news as well as what had been taken from their graded comics, in case anyone tries to sell you something like the following job lot.
“Alrighty, at about 12:45am this morning, someone took a saw to our front door and busted in, stealing $74,350 in Graded Comic Books inside of a 45 second shopping spree. No one was here, and we are all physically okay – we just need a new door! The outpouring of support so far has been overwhelming. Thank you all. See the below list of books with Serial #’s. The Police are working hard on this, and hopefully we can see these assholes brought to justice quickly. We are in Brantford, ON, Canada – about an hour from Toronto.”
Heavy Hitters off the wall:
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