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Learn how to make a comic ebook in Photoshop using filters and comics brushes.1. Add a Background Image

Create a brand new PSD record known as Comics Book. Add this background photograph.

In a new layer upload the woman image.

3. Remove Background in Photoshop

Use the Quick Selection Tool to make a choice across the lady. Press Shift-Control-I to invert the choice. Press delete to cast off the background.

Press Control-D to deselect.5. Duplicate Layer in Photoshop

Press Control-J to copy the Girl layer.

6. How to Use the Photocopy Filter in Photoshop

Set the Foreground shade to #000000 and the Background color to #ffffff . Go to Filter > Sketch > Photocopy and make these settings.

Set the combination mode of the Girl replica layer to Multiply.

7. Add a Stroke Outline in Photoshop

Add a Stroke layer style to the Girl layer. Use coloration #000000 for the outline.

8. Use the Apply Image in Photoshop

Let’s use the Apply Image option to make a copy of all of the seen layers merged. Press Shift-Control-Alt-E. That is the shortcut for the Apply Image.

Call the new created layer captainexcelsior.com Color Effect. Hide this residue for the instant.

nine. Create a Black and White Image in Photoshop

Go to the Girl reproduction layer. To flip the photograph int o a black and white comics book we use a Gradient Map adjustment layer.

The colors for the gradient are #000000 (region 0%) and #ffffff (place 39%). You may need to change the place of the black and white hues in case you are using other snap shots.

10. Add a Levels Adjustment in Photoshop

Go to the Background layer. Add a Levels adjustment to trade the contrast of the history photo making it greater visible.

11. Use the Halftone Filter in Photoshop

Go to the Gradient Map layer.  Press Shift-Control-N to create a new layer known as Halftone.

Press X to invert the Foreground shade and the Background colour. Press Shift-F5 to fill the layer with colour white.

Go to Filter > Sketch > Halftone Pattern and choose the Pattern Type Circle.

Set the combo mode of the Halftone layer to Color Burn, opacity 50%–sixty five%.

If you want to acquire a colored comic book photograph you need to make seen the Color Effect layer. Also change the blend mode to Color.

To create a more practical comics e-book art I will use those comics e book factors ; the % includes a PSD with coloured comic e-book sounds and also Photoshop comics brushes.

Open the PSD file and keep the Shift key pressed and click at the Comic ebook sounds layer and Change Color adjustment layer to select both of them.

Right click on and pick out Duplicate layers. In the Destination record choose the Comics Book PSD document.

Make sure the two layers are area above the Color Effects layer.

To preserve most effective one comic sound you can both delete the opposite ones the use of the Eraser Tool or you may use a Mask.

To exchange the coloration tones of the comic sound, double click on the Change Color adjustment layer and without a doubt change the colours. I will update the blue with black.

You can also test out my free set of cartoon sound results that you may use to create comic e-book outcomes and cool animated film outcomes.

To create a comedian effect or a caricature impact in Photoshop, take a look at out my premium movements:

  • Comic Book Effect
  • Cartoon Effect
  • Pop Art Effect

Congratulations, you made it!

So this is it! Now you know the way to show photograph into comic e book art using Photoshop.

Turn Any Photo Into A Comic Book Illustration (Video Tutorial)

Other sources that you would possibly like:

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  • Photoshop Light Brushes 

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