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Happy Wednesday everyone! Feels like a bigger week than we have had in awhile.
Comics Releasing On 12/7
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #1

KEY OF THE WEEK! We sold 192 copies of cover A, 1:100 for $112, and 1:200 for $292.
Why is this hot?
1st appearance of Raneem and a new Miles #1.
With time cover A will go up but the Momoko 1:200 is still trending at ratio ($200). Great book to pick up at $100 or less for either a quick flip or long term hold.
Gargoyles #1

We sold 36 copies of Cover A.
Why is this hot?
Dynamite is bringing the cult classic back, nostalgia sells!
Buy it for the memories or if you’d like to read it. Dynamite makes way too many covers to make a cover A go up.
Batman #130 

We sold 118 copies of Cover A, 25 copies of the dell’otto Cover B.
Why is this hot?
Failsafe arc conclusion.
If failsafe has a future, this arc maybe sought after. Not a bad buy and hold if you have bought the entire arc.
Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #3 Bermejo Variant 

153 copies sold
Why is this hot?
Joker as Santa Claus!
This is shaping up to be a classic Christmas Cover that long term I can see going up in value.
Dark Web #1

We sold 87 copies of Cover A
Why is this hot?
New Marvel Event.
So many Marvel Events really hard to get excited for them, buy to read!
Ghost Rider #9

We sold 106 copies of Cover A
Why is this hot?
Origin of Exhaust (sorry this post incorrectly stated it was his first appearance)
Id buy a copy or two and see if anything happens with this character.
Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 

We sold 9 of Cover A, 18 of the Young Variant. 1:25 sold for $40
Why is this hot?
1st appearance of Olivia
Unlikely to go up in value but if the Moon Girl show takes off and this character appears, you never know. The 1:25 is selling for over double ratio, grab it at ratio!
Thanos: Death Notes #1

We sold 28 copies of Cover A.
Why is this hot?
1st appearance of the first love of Thanos
Buy to read, spec potential is too limited.
Batman and the Joker Deadly Duo #2

We sold 51 copies of Cover A and the 1:50 for $50.
Why is this hot?
This series has been selling well.
Buy to read!
Poison Ivy #7

We sold 19 copies of Cover A, 61 copies of the Middleton B, and the 1:50 foil Middleton for $75.00
Why is this hot?
This series continues to have the best covers issue after issue.
High ratio Middleton’s are a safe bet, grab and hold for half ratio or less!
Sonic the Hedgehog #55

We sold 49 copies of Cover A, 46 copies of Cover B, and 6 copies of the 1:10 for $19.99
Why is this hot?
Sonic is selling better than most series right now post Sonic 2 movie.
Don’t underestimate holding some of these 1:10s long term. Sonic isn’t heavily ordered and they disappear with time.
Quested #1 1:25 Video Game Homage & 1:50 Kirkham Battle Damage

We sold 4 copies of the 1:25 for $50.00 and and 2 copies of the 1:50 for $99.99
Why is this hot?
New whatnot publishing #1 featuring two great covers.
There are 0 copies of the 1:25 listed on ebay right now, if you can find a copy you could set the market. The 1:50 if you can find at $15 or less I’d grab otherwise just wait, with all the exclusives they will be readily available for cheap.
Until Next Week!
Ali (AnZ Comics)
ANZ Comics Site

Exhaust 1st appeared in GR #7
I just wanted to thank you for this weekly article. I look forward to it. There has been some negativity and some changes on the site lately, and I think you should know there are readers out here who appreciate what you guys do.
Love this spot, always preps me for the new releases.
Thanks Ali!!
Great stuff. You are right, poison ivy covers are def carrying that book!
Great article, always look forward to it. One correction, Exhaust first appeared in Ghost Rider #7, and has appeared several times since. Awesome new character.
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