CAPTAIN AMERICA: COLD WAR Comic Book Event Will Pit Cap Vs … – CBM (Comic Book Movie)

Captain America: Cold War, the explosive crossover saga that’s been building since the very beginning of Captain America's current era, is very nearly upon us.
These days, both Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson presently wield the shield and have embarked on separate journeys as Captain America in the pages of Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing, and Carmen Carnero's Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty and Tochi Onyebuchi and R.B. Silva's Captain America: Symbol of Truth
This April, both books will collide in an epic that will make them question everything they believe in…and each other. This bold chapter in Captain America’s 80-year legacy will be a globetrotting, espionage-fueled thriller lined with the hard-hitting personal conflict between the two Captains America.
In fact, the storyline will pay off various plot threads that made both titles must-reads the past year including the rise of the mysterious Outer Circle and their shocking connection to Steve Rogers; the surprising return of Ian Rogers, AKA Nomad; Sam Wilson’s intense conflict with Wakanda and White Wolf; and Bucky’s bold new mission as the New Revolution.
Things will come to a head when Bucky and White Wolf join forces and kidnap Ian Rogers in a twisted plan to unleash Dimension Z. Will Steve and Sam be able to agree on the hard choices needed to set things right? We'll find out when the story begins this April, but we now have a first look at what's to come in May.
In Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12, Black Widow joins the fray when Bucky Barnes and White Wolf team up to strike at the heart of the Outer Circle conspiracy. Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, and their allies are caught in the crossfire, and as the heroes fight their way across the war-torn Alaskan tundra to rescue Ian Rogers, Black Widow attempts to stop Bucky's descent into villainy – at any cost!
Then, in Captain America: Symbol of Truth #13, White Wolf’s latest trap has left the Captain Americas barely standing, and Sam Wilson is hesitant to push the team toward certain death without a backup plan. But Steve Rogers will stop at nothing to rescue his son…even if it means taking down one of his closest friends.
Check out Carnero and Silva's covers below!
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