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Pow! Zowie! Attention comic book collectors. NYC’s Big Apple Comic Con — rechristened Christmas Con — is upon us.
Collectors could grab a pristine golden age first Superman or Batman comic book. Or an original Marvel drawing by its co-founder. Or maybe a pencil sketch of Dick Tracy in his drawers, an ink of Blondie as a brunette — or whoknowswhat.
It’s Dec. 17. New Yorker Hotel. And give my regards to Batman when he was just Batkid.
Brooklyn’s Neil Diamond — Grammys, 130 million records, Kennedy Center honoree — is now Broadway musical “A Beautiful Noise.” Opens Sunday. Forget his Parkinson’s diagnosis, he expects to be there. So’s Audra McDonald who’s in her own Broadway show. Her hubby, Will Swenson, whose wardrobe has 17 million sequins, plays Neil.
Producer’s Ken Davenport. Shepherding this, Bob Gaudio whose own life minted a fortune in “Jersey Boys.”
Ask not what your country can do for you — also not who dropped the following information onto me. Ask nothing. Just know these open mouths were VIPs.
From the NYPD: “Our city’s going down the ­tubes.”
From the pols: “Zeldin had all the right ideas — but he just wasn’t a star.”
From a VIP: “This mayor’s supporters were progressives — but he is not a progressive. Minorities want good schools, safe streets, real jobs. He knows that but not how to do it. He puts minorities into jobs they can’t do. Their politics are in the right place — their capabilities, not.”
Some Jerk Adams hires:
Lisa White — his former land lady now his deputy commissioner for employee relations
David Johnson — formerly investigated in a criminal case, now a top aide
Fernando Cabrera — former Bronx pastor, now his senior adviser
Rev. Alfred Cockfield — convicted of drug-related issues now manages his political action comm
Laurie Cumbo — former Brooklyn councilwoman known for insensitive remarks, now his cultural affairs commissioner
Eric’s own police accomplishments? The answer was: He ran the 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement organization.
So, such well-connected VIP types are supposed to organize, plan, strategize and promote the greatest city on the face of the universe?
While we start hunting a bungalow in Yuma, know that Eric itches to be president of — as they put it — NYC, the world’s financial capital. The greatest. The best. The nothing anywhere like it in the whole world.
Our mayors who tried blew it. Bloomberg? No. DeWitt Clinton in the 1800s? No. De Blasio? A thousand times oy.
Reason? Jealousy. Recognizing we’re the cornucopia of the universe, they just don’t want to kneel to New York.
So, give my regards to Broadway, say hello to Herald Square — and we talk again Monday.
Love, Cindy


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