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Betty: The Final Girl

Betty: The Final Girl
Betty has been the girl next door for about 80 years in the Archie Comics.
In more recent years, she has also been a rock star, a wife, Archie’s girlfriend, Jughead’s girlfriend, a space alien hunter, etc., but resourceful girl next door has more or less been her defining feature in her never-ending rivalry with Veronica for Archie’s affections.
“Betty: The Final Girl” is a one-shot issue in the Archie horror imprint “Chilling Adventures Presents …”
“The slasher sub-genre’s most widely loved trope, the ‘final girl’ is the clever survivor who carries a relentless plot across the finish line, taking it to the bad guy in the last scene,” according to a statement from Archie Comics. “Writer Micol Ostow (‘Fear the Funhouse,’ ‘Riverdale: The Ties That Bind’) immediately turned to Betty when she thought of marrying the genre with Archie’s core cast of characters.”
And the ever-resourceful Betty may meet her match.
“When Micol Ostow first pitched the idea of doing a ‘final girl’-style story with Betty as the eponymous final girl, I was immediately interested; the idea of a ‘final girl’ is so synonymous with horror that it would be silly not to do it,” Archie Comics Senior Director of Editorial Jamie L. Rotante said in a statement. “Every good teen/college horror flick utilizes that idea, so fitting it into the Archie universe was a lay-up. In keeping with our practice of horror anthologies, we also wanted to have there be more than one ‘final girl,’ so, the final girls of Betty, Brigitte and Melody all came into play.”
“Betty: The Final Girl” is scheduled for release Feb. 15.

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