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Digital Editor
She writes about gender issues, human interest, and environment.
Rupanshi, an eighth-grade student in a Malihabad school, was mindful of her appearance and figure. She shied away from social situations since her brothers teased her for being “fat.” She believed that no one liked her and that she wasn’t attractive. Rupanshi is now an example to everyone in her family since she is a courageous, self-assured leader ready to take on challenges.

Lakhimpur Kheri native Nandini didn’t finish high school. She was enrolled back in school by her farmer father. However, she felt less confident after skipping school for a while. She was an introvert and didn’t have any friends in school. But Nandini is now a lively young woman. She participates in singing and dancing and likes spending time with her classmates at school.
Self-esteem workshops have transformed the personalities of many children in Uttar Pradesh’s government upper primary, composite schools, and Kasturba Gandhi Vidyalaya, including Nandini, Rupanshi, and countless more.
In 20 districts of Uttar Pradesh, self-esteem-based life skills education workshops were first launched in government schools about six months ago. A series of comic books have been created as part of the “Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan Uttar Pradesh” programme, and weekly lessons are offered on the many topics linked to personality development.
The use of comic books in roleplays for children profoundly affects their thinking. Children who attend the workshops are assisted in overcoming stereotyped thinking, and as a result, they become ambassadors of confidence in their local communities.
Master trainer Naveen Kumar, a teacher at upper primary school Jangipurva, Balrampur, said, “The comic books are so powerful that while doing roleplays, children often feel that the stories are related to their real lives and that whatever is being enacted during the classes is their own story. So, the message hits them hard, and the change is visible among many children”, reported Hindustan Times.
Some kids enjoyed the exercises so much that they incorporated them into their behaviour, which prompted their parents to ask the school about it. The school has held meetings with parents to raise awareness, and these discussions have successfully changed the parents’ behaviour.
According to a Samagra Shiksha source, studies have demonstrated a beneficial relationship between self-esteem and higher attendance rates, improved classroom behaviour, and higher academic accomplishment. “Positive self-esteem also contributes to the development of life skills, enhancing children and adolescents’ leadership and other soft skills. It was with this view that this initiative was started,” they added.
SIEMAT trained master trainers (chosen teachers from government schools), and these trainers then trained the teachers who now lead the weekly classes.
There are many topics that kids don’t talk about in class, but that affects their thinking. The notion of masculinity among schoolboys, body shaming, and gender discrimination are a few issues that require discussion. In the Saturday courses, the programmes discuss these topics.
In addition to promoting children’s retention, transition, and completion of the educational cycle, the teachers hope the programme will help them develop the skills necessary for success in school, the workplace, and life.
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