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Wolverine and Deadpool – or is it Deadpool and Wolverine? – have been making news lately as Hugh Jackman announced he will return as Logan in Ryan Reynolds’ next Deadpool movie.
The characters have also been having some “fun” in the comic books.
In a recent “Wolverine” story arc, Deadpool wants to become a citizen of Krakoa, the nation of mutant sovereignty in Marvel’s “X-Men” books. The Merc with a Mouth reaches out to ally/rival/frenemy Wolverine for help. Of course, they are pulled into a misadventure along the way.
The storyline appeared in issues of “Wolverine” but the title trades the usually gritty gloom of Wolverine for the breaking-the-fourth-wall zaniness of a Deadpool comic.
It’s all fun and games and gore but like the Deadpool movies not for the kids. The story arc is collected in Volume 4 of “Wolverine’s” current run.
The collection includes a story where a representative of an assassin’s guild seeks revenge on Wolverine. A storyline that feels more like Wolverine’s regular scheduled programming.
“Wolverine” Vol. 4 collects issues 20-25 of the monthly comic book.

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