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California Congressman Robert Garcia pushes DC Studios co-chair and co-CEO James Gunn to release the roadmap for the DC Universe’s future.
Comic-loving Congressman Robert Garcia just made it clear how badly he wants James Gunn to make his plan for the DC Universe public.
Garcia, who represents California's 42nd congressional district, lobbied Gunn to share the DCU roadmap he developed with DC Studios co-chair and co-CEO Peter Safran on Twitter. An avowed comic book fan, Garcia joked that Gunn will face a congressional hearing if he doesn't spill the beans regarding the DCU's future by Feb. 1. "I will ask the tough questions everyone wants to know," Garcia quipped. The California Congressman previously demonstrated his comics fandom in January 2023, when he announced that he intended to include a copy of Superman #1 in his swearing-in to Congress.
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Garcia's tongue-in-cheek tweet comes as Gunn's self-imposed DCU plan deadline approaches. The DC Studios boss promised fans that he and Safran would unveil a partial slate of movie and TV projects set within the shared universe before the end of January. To date, no such announcement has been made. Gunn also revealed that the full list of planned productions amounts to as much as a decade's worth of material, and debunked rumors that Wonder Woman wouldn't appear in the DCU during its first three years.
Fans aren't completely in the dark when it comes to upcoming DCU releases, though. Gunn previously confirmed that he's writing a new Superman movie set early in the Man of Steel's career. The filmmaker and studio head added that this narrative timeframe meant that current Superman actor Henry Cavill will not be reprising the role, sparking backlash from fans of Cavill's portrayal of the character. He also went on to say that DC Studios has spoken with Cavill about the possibility of collaborating again on unspecified projects.
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Gunn has since teased the existence of a mystery DCU TV show, as well. All Gunn would say about this production was that he has penned a third of it already. The untitled series will mark Gunn's second DC-themed small screen outing, following 2022's Peacemaker, the second season of which is also currently in production. As Gunn noted in his tweet regarding the mystery project, he is also still wrapping up Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 for DC Studios' rival Marvel Studios. According to Gunn, this has involved splitting his time between pre-production on that film and meeting his creative and business responsibilities for DC.
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