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With new series and stories on the horizon, this Free Comic Book Day #1 will be the perfect jumping on point for new and old DC Comics readers alike.
As part of the Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2023 line-up, DC Comics has announced a one-shot special issue exploring the publisher's new "Dawn of DC" initiative. With new characters and stories on DC's horizon, this free #1 will be the perfect jumping on point for new and old DC readers alike.
With the "Death of the Justice League" story published in April 2022, DC launched the beginnings of a new chapter in the publisher's history. Since that now-iconic story, the heroes (and villains) of DC's entire Multiverse have been wrapped up in the massive event Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, which threatens once again to wipe out DC's decades-long history. Though that Crisis is yet to officially end, DC Comics has already announced its newest era, to be launched in 2023: "Dawn of DC." This era promises to be a brighter take on classic characters like Superman and Green Arrow, and will feature oft-sidelined characters like the wacky Doom Patrol.
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DC plans to highlight this new era and publishing initiative with a free one-shot, Dawn of DC #1 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition, to be released on FCBD 2023, which takes place on May 6th. Popverse reports that the special issue will feature sneak peeks at upcoming stories in addition to an "all-new original story" by a yet-unknown creative team. DC's description for their FCBD release reads:
"Dawn of DC is a yearlong publishing initiative with epic storylines and superstar creative teams that forge the future, one hero at a time. It’s an easy entry point for both lifelong readers and those picking up a comic for the first time to dive into the new stories. All year long, DC will celebrate classic characters while also embracing the next generation of new heroes, as we’re going to need everyone to help fight against the darkness. Don’t miss Dawn of DC #1 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition, featuring an all-new original story plus sneak peeks at upcoming titles!"
The yearly Free Comic Book Day event is at its best when it welcomes new readers into the comic book fold, and this special issue promises to be the perfect entry point for interested DC readers. Combined with the recently announced new books for 2023, this "teaser" issue filled with sneaks peaks should make it easy for new fans to jump into the larger DC Universe. It doesn't hurt that this FCBD special features Dan Mora's gorgeous Justice League art as its cover; followers of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths will recognize these character profiles from Mora's Justice League variant covers for the event series' final issue.
With the addition of two other child- and YA-oriented FCBD editions, DC Comics is making a push for its new, brighter, and inclusive storytelling with the impending "Dawn of DC" era. Fans new and old can pick up free editions of Dawn of DC #1 Free Comic Book Day Special Edition, Girl Taking Over: A Lois Lane Story Free Comic Book Day Special, and Clark & Lex / Fan Club: Batman Squad Free Comic Book Day Special Edition on May 6th, 2023. A foil cover edition of Dawn of DC #1 will also be available for $9.99.
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Source: Popverse
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