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Arkham Asylum is one of the most dangerous prisons in all of comic book history, and yet DC keeps sending innocent kids to it.
Warning! Contains Spoilers For Batman Urban Legends #23!Arkham Asylum is one of the most famous asylums in all comic book history, it houses some of the most infamous villains in the DC Universel, but it also continually hosts innocent children, despite the fact sending kids there never works out.
In the Batman Urban Legends #23 story Arkham Academy by Dennis Culver and Hayden Sherman, a group of teenagers that have been idolizing and emulating supervillains or children of supervillains have been rounded up and placed in a Scared Straight situation. They're brought to Arkham Asylum to meet real supervillains that will hopefully dissuade these children from following in their idols or parents' footsteps. The problem is not all the kids are so easily convinced, as is the case with the character of Lil' Kitten, a boy who claims to be the sidekick of Catwoman. Unfortunately for Lil' Kitten, Catwoman already has a sidekick named Tomcat. In order to scare the kids straight, the Arkham Asylum staff bring in Killer Croc to give them some perspective and Lil' Kitten continually pushes and mocks Killer Croc, thinking there's no way the staff would actually allow anything to happen to them, he's unfortunately proven wrong when Killer Croc breaks free from his restraints and seemingly disembowels Lil' Kitten. One would think this would be the last time kids were ever brought near Arkham Asylum, but it's actually happened a lot.
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Arkham Asylum is the primary Asylum in Gotham City, with their prison being Blackgate Penitentiary. If someone is deemed too unstable to stand trial, they're sent to Arkham, whereas any common criminal is sent to Blackgate. Since Arkham Asylum is continually hosting such dangerous criminals as Scarecrow, Two-Face, Mr. Zasz, and most famously, The Joker, one would think that it's the last place anyone should be sent for actual psychiatric help. Especially since Arkham Asylum has a habit of creating villains, not fixing them. Despite all of this, innocent children are still sent to Arkham Asylum on an alarming basis despite none of them ever coming out better than when they went in.
Children have been sent to Arkham Asylum on an alarmingly common basis, with even Bruce Wayne having spent some time there way back in Scott Snyder and John Romita Jr's All-Star Batman. Bruce was sent there to try and help with his trauma over his parent's death, but considering how Bruce still ended up becoming Batman, it's clear the Asylum didn't really help Bruce Wayne work through his trauma. In Matthew Rosenberg and Fernando Blanco's House of Gotham storyline, a character known only as "The Boy" is sent to Arkham Asylum after both his parents are murdered by the Joker. The Boy ends up meeting several super villains, eventually working for Penguin, then grows up to try and kill Batman and Joker for revenge for his parent's deaths, his life is shortly ended after by Penguin. While The Boy's life certainly began to spiral out of control when his parents were killed, the fact he ended up in Arkham only accelerated matters.
Arkham Asylum is woefully under-equipped to help the people who actually deserve to be there, like The Joker, sending actual children there has been a catastrophic mistake every time it has happened and yet the people in charge continually do it over and over again.
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Batman Urban Legends #23 is on sale now from DC Comics.
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