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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for to snag on the cheap.
This week, I look at some more fun speculation related to the recent news, leaks, rumors, theories, and announcements. Topics ranging from Nightwing villains to Electric Superman Jr. to Nemesis and more. Just some more fun books to hunt for cheap based mostly on DC comics this go around.
Check out the video if you want to see some more books that I talked about this week that are not presented below:

As I always say, Comics should be fun; and I want to provide content that keeps this hobby the good time that it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG, then you may have seen some of these pick-ups before as I typically share my pick-ups there when they happen. Check it out if you like seeing more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking out for in those bins…

This is a very cheap book that often gets passed over when folks are searching for 1st Miss Martian in #37, but this is a fun little book that features the 1st appearance of the all-time classic villain, Elephantman!!!
Ok, just kidding about Elephantman being an all-time classic but if you want a fun 1st for cheap, this is for you. Not saying this should be worth more than a buck, but can’t we just have fun collecting comics?
And it’s not lost on me that I am writing for a speculation/investing site, but every so often, let’s remember this hobby can be and should be fun.

Speaking of fun 1st appearances, why not look for this little gem that’s probably buried amongst the piles of DC fodder? 1st Ambush Bug is definitely a fun book if you can find it for cheap.
Again, another “fun” pick because this isn’t a credible rumor or anything of the sort. Just something that came up in relation to the interview with Kumail. But who knows, stranger things have happened when actors have called their shot.


This one is already started moving based on these rumors already this week, but there are plenty of this issue out there. Let’s not forget this was a big deal at the time it came out and orders were definitely high.
A fun gimmick, but also look for the regular cover as well. Sure Jon Kent may get electric blue powers, but how long will it last? Will we also see a Red version?
That said, for a buck why not grab one?


So the Blue Devil is back? Maybe he will get a push. Maybe? haha
But its another fun 1st appearance if you can find it. There is a preview of issue 1 inside this comic and it’s spotlighted on the cover too.



The Superman Blue TPB from 2018 (not the earlier Superman Transformed) might be a better investment than Superman #123, since it didn’t do well and the line was cancelled.
To be fair I wouldn’t “invest” more than a buck in Superman Blue in any shape or form🤘😉🤘
I mean, that’s probably the smart play, but if you’re going to…
I hear you. I just want to be clear because i don’t want to mislead anyone into thinking I am suggesting this is a “good investment”. For cheap you take a flyer and see what happens. 😉👍
DC Comics Presents #52 is a smart buy simply by virtue of its age, with the Canadian Newsstand being the rarest edition of this issue. Most Copper DC books are rising in value and the fact that this is a 1st appearance only helps. Yes it’s Ambush Bug, but he’s a cult favorite with tons of appearances throughout many DC titles over the years, and he might just be great fodder for James Gunn as the character really has only been featured in one DC Animated production.
If you’re after Superman (vII) #123, the smart play is to find a high grade copy of the 2nd Printing which was only available in a 2 Comic Multipack along with Superman (vII) #118 DC Universe Logo UPC. Only the purple cover got the 2nd Printing treatment and you can tell the difference by the roman numeral II printed under the issue # and #19 Reading Order Triangle.
Blue Devil did make his onscreen appearance in the great but cancelled after one season DC Universe Swamp Thing television series. That depiction (and show) were great but didn’t really have much of an impact on the price of his first comic appearance nor his first series. Being that he was a Justice League member, it is conceivable that he could show up in some kind of cinematic property (Justice League Dark if that ever happens), but at this point, you’re talking long term since DC has only just begun to formulate its plans for its cinematic and televised universes. We’re years away from anything concrete but hopefully some announcements and casting calls will come soon.
All good points and great ancillary info 👍
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