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DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran remain hard at work putting together a slate of movies, TV shows, and video games. All of those will take place in the new DCU, but The Suicide Squad director is clearly turning his attention to the company as a whole. 
After recently confirming he'll look into making sure director's commentaries are included on physical editions of DC movies as well as Digital ones, we have another interesting update from the filmmaker today. This one relates to DC Comics, an entity that, for the most part, remains largely independent from whatever is happening on screen. 
Asked by a fan on Mastadon whether he plans to ensure a greater level of coordination with DC publishing (meaning we'd get new series and reprints featuring characters DC Studios brings to the screen), Gunn confirmed that's something he's already turned his attention to.
“I am working on this with my friend Jim Lee,” the DC Studios boss revealed. 
What this will mean is if we get new Lobo or Deathstroke movies, for example, fans will be able to easily find reprints of classic stories featuring the characters in stores. It also increases the chances of new ongoing titles featuring the heroes and villains we see on screen, similar to what Marvel Comics often does.
We have a feeling Gunn has learned a lot of lessons from his time at Marvel Studios – remember, a new Guardians of the Galaxy comic book series launched alongside his 2014 movie – and him bringing those ideas to DC Studios is no bad thing.
Common sense says it will be a while before we start seeing these changes come into effect, but there's already speculation online that Blue Beetle is the first chapter in the new DCU. If so, expect the spotlight to be put back on that character in your favourite comics next summer. 
Stay tuned for more DC Studios updates!

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