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These wouldn’t be the expected comic book narratives to adapt to the big screen, but these Superman stories might have a lot of cinematic potential.
The DCU is shifting again now that James Gunn has taken control of the creative aspects of the company. With a lot of components of the Warner Bros. Discovery outfit changing, it means that a reboot is on the horizon. The news, as reported by CNN, that Henry Cavill would be stepping down as Superman was the latest sign of this evolution.
Superman is a top priority for the next era of the DC Universe on screen and there are plenty of familiar comics that could inspire another movie. However, these unexpected titles might prove to be the key to creative success, as Gunn loves pulling from unfamiliar territory among mainstream audiences.
The Future State arc has been an intriguing one in general, as it reimagines the characters of the DC Universe in a slightly alternate reality as if the timeline has moved on for a significant amount of time. A new Superman has taken to the skies while the original Clark Kent has his own demons to face.
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It's a story all about evolution, change, and Superman still becoming a symbol of hope. Any aspect of the Future State narrative could be taken to the big screen at some stage, despite it being an unexpected direction to set up this area of the timeline first.
DC Comics Presents #87 featured the Year of the Comet. The story introduced Superman Prime, an alternative version of the Man of Steel who seemed perfect in every way. He has even been depicted as bright gold, a symbol of his strength and power.
It's an interesting notion that there is a version of Superman that is more perfect than the Clark Kent viewers are familiar with. Still, if DC were to go forward with a narrative like this, in many ways it would ground the superhero, demonstrating his own relatable imperfections that go beyond his inspirational quotes and good deeds.
The comic book run Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen has ebbed and flowed throughout DC Comics' history. While there has been a modern run, there are also retro classics that could be drawn from, if an unexpected comic is required in a Superman portrayal on screen.
Jimmy Olsen is such a crucial character in the lore of Clark Kent and has been on plenty of adventures in his own right. To craft a film that is entirely from Jimmy's perspective, would give a very human voice for audiences to follow as they watch the Kryptonian take to the battlefield.
Much like Jimmy Olsen, despite Lois Lane being a supporting character in most of Superman's titles, she was given a proper spotlight in her own miniseries. The Lois Lane run was integral for painting her worldview and giving her journalism career a boost.
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The Man of Tomorrow is often viewed through the lens of Lois Lane and that could be an interesting way into a new segment of the franchise of the big screen. Having the story told by Lane herself would finally give the character the credit she deserves while changing the pace of the Kryptonian's journey.
Smallville could already be a perfect premise for a future Superman movie. The show was incredibly popular but never got the ending it deserved. However, Season 11 of the show was continued on the page in a comic book form. That might provide some creative inspiration.
Smallville might not have the audience that it once did, so a DCU take might be unreasonable, especially since the show continued in the Arrowverse. But the principles and concept of Smallville could be recycled down the line, with this comic providing some great source material.
The New 52 has brought together plenty of ideas, as has Rebirth. Indeed, every time that DC Comics reboots itself, a new version of these characters are put to audiences. In New Superman that was the case with Kong Kenan, the Superman of China, taking center stage.
It's a fascinating beat, to create a Superman per country and perhaps as Clark Kent rests for the time being off of the screen, perhaps this version of the character would be great to adapt for a new audience. Change can sometimes refresh a tired property.
Dark Nights was a primarily Batman-influenced story which is why it would be so random to use it as a Superman movie. However, comics like Death Metal demonstrated that the Dark Multiverse was dangerous to every hero, including Clark Kent himself.
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Superman faced off against various evil variants of himself, each of which was corrupted by a familiar character trait that audiences would have recognized in the original hero. It's a character study in many ways, fueled by a multiversal threat worthy of cinema.
Superman: Grounded is a controversial story and one that not every reader has loved. That's a great reason as to why it would be unexpected to adapt. It needs redeeming and perhaps the James Gunn DCU, could do so, rather than focusing on characters inspired by Superman.
It featured the Man of Steel walking across the country, helping people as he traveled. It literally took one of his prime powers away but allowed him to connect to those in the US, who had judged him from afar for so long while making a real difference. It's a road trip movie in essence.
Superman Family Adventures is a family-friendly comic book series aimed at largely younger readers. That's another direction for this series to go in. Perhaps it wouldn't be the most popular choice, but the DC Universe could go PG rather than heading towards the edge.
It's full of fun and wacky adventures, demonstrating a whimsicality that could be taken to the screen. Perhaps even an animated movie could be inspired by the run at the very least, establishing Superman for younger fans in an alternative way.
Injustice is a major video game in the DC Universe that completely redefined how fans see these characters. Superman took on a very different role in those video games and fans have wanted an adaptation for years. But the comics add even more meat to the bone.
In fact, unexpectedly, in many ways the comics are superior to the video games as they get to tell the narrative in far more detail. If there is to be a complete reboot of the DCU, it would be a shocking move to change Superman's ethos totally and follow these beats.
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