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Ethan Page is writing a new book that is near and dear to his heart.
During a new interview on The Marvelists with Peter Melnick and Eddie Wilson, Ethan Page shared some new details about his upcoming comic book. Page is currently writing “Toy Hunts” and shared how it’s a very personal project for him.
“So there’s not a whole bunch of information that’s been out. I am posting a lot of the raw art, or just the line art, while the pages get drawn up, and while I’m kind of writing all the dialogue and stuff like that on my Patreon, but the book is called Toy Hunts. It’s about two kids whose dad goes missing, and they somehow have to go hunting. And that’s it. That’s all I can really say. But there’s a bunch of really cool characters in it. The children in the book are inspired by my kids, and a lot of the toys pull from like a lot of the side characters that ended up being in there get pulled from either toys in my childhood or stuff that my kids, like my daughter, named two of the characters in the book as well.
“So yeah, a lot of personal stuff gets pulled into the book, but it’s got a lot of heart. And I’ve pitched the book to a couple places that got picked up already. So I’m really excited to not have to be one of the comic books that gets funded by a GoFundMe or something like that. So I’m really hyped I get to just focus on the book, write the story, and release it to the world and hope people just enjoy it.”
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