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As Lazarus Planet teases major developments for Monkey Prince, Batman, Robin, and more, fans are curious how this event will reshape DC Comics.
DC Comics are set to end Infinite Frontier and transition into Dawn of DC with 2023's Lazarus Planet event written by Mark Waid. The event is setting up a number of radical transformations to some of DC's best heroes, as well as new series to follow. Taking place in the aftermath of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, it's the latest DC event that will change the course of the DCU for readers.
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As far as events go, Lazarus Planet is set to be a relatively simple one, mostly explored in one-shots and a few tie-ins. The two-month event will be much shorter and quicker to collect than the bigger crisis events. For fans interested to see the next chapter in DC Comics, Lazarus Planet would be a must-read story. With radical new interpretations of heroes and villains, this is set to be a fun and creative title.
While it's unknown exactly how many characters will be included in the story, fans know the key players. Batman, Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Power Girl, Mercy Graves, Martian Manhunter, Question and Cyborg are the leading heroes of this new story.
The heroes and their involvement was cryptically teased by DC themselves, who hinted at their plots through questions. It's great to see that the story will be shared by new and old heroes alike, both obscure and A-Listers. The story will pave the way for new titles in its aftermath.
Lazaurus Planet will last from January 10th to February 21st and will include a total of seven one-shot comics and nine tie-ins. These are; Alpha, Assault on Krypton, We Once Were Gods, Legends Reborn, Next Evolution, Dark Fate and Omega.
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In addition, the story will be told in Batman vs Robin, Monkey Prince and Wonder Woman, numbering 16 comics in total. Like most events, it's likely some of the tie-ins won't be vital to the main story, but would be worth adding to a fan's pull list all the same.
One of DC's newest heroes, Monkey Prince has also had an enjoyable book. In Lazarus Planet, the mythical hero is slated to play a key role in the outcome of the event. Of all the key characters in Lazarus Planet, Monkey Prince is the newest to the DCU.
It's unknown just how key Monkey Prince will be to the story, but given the tie-ins with his own series it's clear he's important. The plan to elevate the newest hero will be excellent for his series and character recognition, and signifies an emphasis on smaller heroes.
While some recent events were contained to one hero or city, we know that Lazarus Planet will affect the entire world, even stretching as far as Krypton. In the aftermath of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths (by Josh Williamson & Daniel Sampere), it's likely the event will play in to the changes established.
Lazarus Planet's wider scale means that there is no shortage to the degrees of creativity and alterations to the company's roster of characters. And the far-reaching scope means it will have a chance to touch on characters who have been neglected as of late.
Batman vs Robin is a miniseries by Mark Waid and Mahmud Asrar that has helped set up Lazarus Planet. Tied in with World's Finest and the Demon Nehza, the super villain has been supercharged by magic and is more dangerous than he's ever been.
Given Damian Wayne's connection to Ra's al Ghul, it's easy to see how this series would tie in with the Lazarus Planet events. With Batman and Robin at odds and in a bitter battle, it's fair to say the rivalry will also play a key part in the upcoming event.
One of the more under-explored superhero teams in recent years of DC has been the Doom Patrol. However, that's set to change. The team, who recently appeared in World's Finest, will make a prominent appearance in Lazarus Planet, which will make them key going forward.
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The Doom Patrol team are also set to return to their own title in the aftermath of Lazarus Planet. DC have described their book as "spinning directly out of Lazarus Planet," suggesting their role in the event will tie in to the story of their solo book.
The catalyst to Lazarus Planet is the eruption of the Lazarus volcano. This will cause the spread of "Lazarus clouds," which will transform the heroes of DC in strange and unexpected ways. Among the changes teased are Batman with the helmet of Nabu and a monstrous Martian Manhunter.
Merging heroes with redesigned looks and power sets has always been a fan pleaser, and is part of why many love multiverse stories so much. An entire in-continuity event dedicated to the idea and how it plays out on Earth-Prime will make for an interesting read.
Mark Waid has been tapped to tell the Lazarus Planet story, and will be teaming up with a number of artists to craft this event. Waid is also writing Batman vs Robin, the miniseries that has set up Lazarus Planet and will include some of the event's tie-in issues.
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The creator of Kingdom Come, Mark Waid is one of the most influential writers in comics, and has been writing runaway hit, World's Finest. As many events as DC has created since Infinite Frontier began, Lazarus Planet boasts the strongest writing talent.
Lazarus Planet has been held up as the bridge between Infinite Frontier and Dawn of DC. A number of new titles are set to come out of the event that will define the near future of DC, with some fan-favorites being announced. The events of the story are also set up to change heroes for the foreseeable future.
A number of these titles have already been announced, such as Superman, two Green Lantern titles, Shazam and Doom Patrol. With so much set to change after the event, it's safe to say that Lazarus Planet is going to define the new DCU status quo moving forward.
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