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Don’t bet on Fear the Walking Dead having its story continue in a comic book series after its upcoming final season.
It was recently announced that Fear the Walking Dead will conclude with its upcoming eighth season. The news follows the spinoff's parent series, The Walking Dead, ending its own 11-season run on AMC last year. While the franchise will continue to live on with other spinoffs on AMC, the news still comes as a bummer for the fans of Fear the Walking Dead who may have been hoping for this show to surpass ten seasons as well.
If you're among those fans, and you're thinking that the story could be expanded or reimagined with a comic book series, don't get your hopes up. Robert Kirkman, who co-created the original Walking Dead comic books, addressed the possibility of a Fear the Walking Dead adaptation in the latest issue of The Walking Dead Deluxe. Per ComicBook.com, he said that the odds are basically zero, even if not quite zero, that a comic book will ever happen. As the comic book creator says:

"There is a not zero, but just barely, chance of that ever happening. It's extremely, extremely unlikely. The closest we'll likely come to this is an entirely new series from me that's completely separate from TWD but has subject matter that would appeal to TWD fans. That's the best I could do at this point."
Fair enough. But what about picking back up with the main Walking Dead comic book series some day after ending that series in 2019? Kirkman says he might "dabble" in that zombie world again at some point in the future, though he similarly doubts he'll be working on any more Walking Dead comics full time ever again.

"I gave 16 years of my life to this world. I may dabble in it at some point in the future, but I doubt I'll ever return to do a full series. But… I'd never say never."
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It's interesting to think about Fear the Walking Dead getting turned into a comic book. The franchise began in the world of comics before getting adapted as a TV series on AMC. Fear the Walking Dead was the show's first spinoff, this one consisting of entirely original storylines and characters that did not come from the comic book, at least before crossver characters starting to come in. The spinoff did not reach the levels of viewership as its parent series, but was a strong performer in its own right, and eight seasons is still a respectable run for the series.
Fear the Walking Dead will more than likely have its story finished with the conclusion of season 8. For what it's worth, the show will be going out in a way that brings the series full circle, with Kim Dickens' Madison Clark returning to the cast alongside Lennie James' Morgan Jones. Let's just hope it's an ending that most of the fans will be happy with.
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