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By Megan Peters
Godzilla has been around for ages, and in its time, the IP has put out a ton of goodies. From highly detailed statues to clothes and more, you can get any kind of Godzilla merchandise you want with a bit of hunting. And thanks to Squishmallows, plush lovers will be able to add Godzilla to their collection this holiday season!
Yes, that is right. Godzilla has been given his own collection by Squishmallows. The four-piece line was announced this week, and Toy Drops is overseeing their distribution. So if you want to nab one of these plushes with your holiday money, go for it!
New Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and Mechagodzilla @squishmallows have been revealed and are available from TOY DROPS. pic.twitter.com/sbnhlDGHzz
As you can see above, the collection includes staples from the Godzilla IP. Of course, the King of the Monsters is included, and the green kaiju is adorable in every way. A metallic Mechagodzilla is also included in this line alongside Mothra who has their own tiny wings. The final member of this line is Rodan, so dino lovers will want to pick up a stuffy as soon as possible.
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Of course, this is just the latest collection Squishmallows has helped license as of late. The collectible brand has partnered with Disney for some time now, and other brands have been jumping on board. Not long ago, The Pokemon Company announced its partnership with Squishamllows, and its first releases were a huge hit. Gengar and Pikachu sold out almost instantly upon their launch. And now, Godzilla is keeping Squishamllows sales going with its cute collection!
What do you think about this latest Squishmallow collection? Will you be grabbing any of these plushes? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.
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