Goldin Acquires Sell My Comic Books, Significantly Expanding Their Services and Marketplace (Exclusive) –

By Russ Burlingame
Collectibles marketplace Goldin has acquired the comic book buyer and appraisal service Sell My Comic Books, transforming the way fans can buy and sell in-demand or high-value comics. The hope is that by bringing Goldin’s considerable resources to bear on Sell My Comic Books’s business model, collectors and investors can more quickly and easily submit their comics to be appraised, and then list them for sale through the Goldin dedicated marketplace to create a faster and more seamless sales experience. This also teams Goldin with the experts at Sell My Comic Books, bringing the company decades of combined experience buying and appraising valuable comic books
Sell My Comic Books should also make Goldin more visible to casual fans, due to their years of expertise creating educational and entertaining written and video content that will provide buyers and sellers with information about their favorite comic books. Sell My Comic Books will offer Goldin customers other services, including comic book pressing, an industry-approved process that removes defects and that has the potential to significantly add to the value of every book that collectors and investors submit.
“The team at Sell My Comic Books lives and breathes the history and passion that makes comics and superheroes a cornerstone of our culture,” said Ken Goldin, Executive Chairman and Founder of Goldin. “Collectors know when they submit their items to Sell My Comic Books that they are going to get the best value for their books and the absolute best service available. The synergies between our organizations were obvious and we’re thrilled to add the team to the Goldin family.”

“A large number of people that sell comic books for the first time have no idea where to start,” said Sell My Comic Books Founder Ashley Cotter-Cairns. “Our mission at Sell My Comic Books has been to reduce friction and allow anyone to easily sell their items or to get accurate appraisals. Joining with Goldin provides us with additional resources, and enables us to reach more people looking to participate in the hobby.”
The partnership comes ahead of Goldin’s January Elite Comics and Pop Culture auction, which will feature copies of Amazing Fantasy #15 (the first appearance of Spider-Man), Showcase #4 (the first appearance and origin of the Silver Age Flash, Barry Allen), and Incredible Hulk #181, the first full appearance of Wolverine.
Since its founding, Goldin have brokered over $1.5 billion worth of sales of rare and highly sought-after collectible items across numerous categories. Recent record-breaking comic book transactions include the sale of Action Comics #1 (the first appearance of Superman) for $3.4 million and the $1.7 million sale of a Detective Comics #27, featuring the first appearance of Batman. They are also currently accepting consignments for the January auction and beyond.
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