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WRITER: Jimmy Palmiotti & Dave Johnson
ARTIST: Juan Santacruz
$300+.  This one keeps going up.  I am shocked to be honest, but it is what it is.
WRITER: Jordan Ifueko
ARTIST: Alba Glez
$50-75.  I don’t hate this cover, but I think there are other MG/DD variants out there that I’d rather spend that money on.
WRITER: Chris Silvestri & Anthony Maranville
ARTIST: Emma Kubert
$30-45.  I wasn’t aware that anyone was still looking for Frank Miller stories or covers, but apparently so. 
WRITER: Michael Calero & Thomas Parsons
ARTIST: Kit Wallis
$30-35.  Another Zelda homage.  These will likely always sell because comic collectors tend to be completionists, but I for one would be ok if they held off on these for a while.
WRITER: Cody Ziglar
ARTIST: Federico Vicentini
$200-225.  1st appearance of Giraffe Spider-Man.  Great spec play for those who can find this one.
WRITER: Brian Azzarello
ARTIST: Cliff Chiang
This one just keeps going up.  A CGC 9.2 sold for $500+ a CBCS SS 9.4 sold for $550 USD.  This is turning into one of the top variants ever.
WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
$10-20.  Christmas covers almost always do well and having the Joker dress up like Santa to scare kids is just kind of funny.  Can’t believe this will ever be worth more than this, but who knows.
WRITER: Mark Evanier
ARTIST: Various
A lot of copies sold this week.  I’m not sure exactly why, but this is a clear Dave Stevens must have cover.  Selling as high as $60 for a NM- copy, this is one to pick up if you ever see it on the cheap.

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WRITER: Sarah Gailey
ARTIST: Liana Kangas
$25.  Nothing like a skull space woman that poses for the Instagram shot…
WRITER: Various
ARTIST: Harry Anderson (cover)
CGC 6.5=$6600.  Dang, what did this lady do to get all the Karen’s to mock her?

moongirl has 5 1st apps, inhuman kids
Yeah it have firsts, but it’s “Kid spec” and they didn’t seem all that original. I agree there are other ratios and firsts in Vol. 1 I’d rather spend that money on. This is typical FOMO and if you want this book be patient. It’ll be back down near or at ratio before too long.
Gotta be a variant or it’s not hot!
Again lets have two lists.
One for variants and one for normal issues.
This variant list gives no benefit to 90% of the hobby. I am not debating
they are not hot issues its just not what the majority of the market is
looking at. It was also give the site more looks if there were two lists.
Another full variant list will just stop people from looking.
I am going to a decently large show tomorrow. None of those books will
be there. If none of the books are at an actual comic book show it kinda
makes you wonder where the audience is.
Again I love seeing your lists, but at this point if they are going to be all
variants you might as well change the title as well.
You make some valid points, and I’ve never understood the pushback against making two separate lists. You’re correct that it would only benefit the site. I do appreciate the work, regardless.
The “pushback” would be these are volunteers and it’s time consuming for them to research 10 more books. It’s not like they don’t have other (real) jobs or families an additional list would take time from.
But I agree they could just “ignore” variants as an alternative. Or put a few variants in the “honorable mentions” in a trial run for a while…try something different and see if There’s a positive response. 🤷‍♂️
At least the list is not store exclusives this week!
Soooooo if you are not seeing them in person at a “comic show”(not a convention, not Ebay, not Whatnot or any other place actual comics are sold non stop…) then it’s not in demand?
Come on Ben thats a loaded question. What we are telling you its not in demand for 80 to 90% of the hobby. Most wont even know they exist. Nobody at the show I was at asked for any of these books. Granted the Eminem book is popular due to FOMO right now, but he has had other books like Mighty Avengers 3& Punisher Enimnem that has had multiple sales this month. Omega Men 3 is selling everywhere right now. Young Avengers childrens crusade, Indiana Jones, Video game comics just to name a few.
I don’t understand how two lists is that difficult many of us would be more than happy to help with some suggestions.
Let’s ban the ratios.
I agree that if you go to a con or show, almost no one will be looking for these “ hot books”. I’m not against variants, I just don’t think this is an accurate portrayal of what people want. Just my opinion though. Thank you for the work putting the list together regardless.
At the point that people are going to site live sales in person and say that the myriad of online sales is not an indication of what people want is foolish at best…
Its a shame the only time people take to comment is to complain about free stuff or argue how it’s not the market because they personally do not like it…
Great list Ben, sucks the market is a dumpster fire right now, but I and many others appreciate you giving your perspective on it.
See I don’t agree the market is on fire. We had a dip from Covid money sure. We will never see those sales again. But, I have had strong sales this month. Many new sellers don’t have any diversification so when people stop buying slabs or hot variants than they see their sales take a dive. Its the difference between an experienced seller that has been in the market for awhile. My local shop is found another revenue stream with Whatnot recently as well. As a seller its great as a buyer if you are on a large stream you are going to get screwed if you let FOMO dictate you.
While I agree in a way that the list is getting a little variant heavy I also note that the state of the market seems to be everything is waaaaay down except variants and niche books.
This is true for literally every book that was out during the covid craze as prices were at an unrealistic high that will prob never be seen again.. I think there are plenty of “hot” books that aren’t niche or variants- you just have to be informed on the market (also everyones definition of “hot” may be different- is a book considered Hot if it peaked 2 years ago, dropped to a median value, but is now at higher prices than it has been for months- weeks? I consider something “hot” if the price is up & people are buying in quantity..not if a book is graded at 9.0 (only 2 that high) & it hits a peak never seen before (that’s more of a niche).
Yes we are now seeing adjustments on books that were overpriced due to Covid. It will take another a year to see prices re-adjust in the meantime many got killed because they overpaid.
Another example will be Todd McFarlane books soon. Any signed book by him will be readily available in the next year for the most part. Another seller I know just about a collection of 100 comics & TPBs all signed by him. I told him to sell them fast very soon they will be worth alot less.
1) Eminem 🤦🏻‍♂️
2) no spec content and we already have a cover with the gauntlet. Maybe worth $50
3) digital garbage. P.S. AH art is terrible.
4) one of the few that actually has potential long term.
5,6,7,8,10) meh, nope.
9) pretty good.
#3, #8, & #10 are a continuation of a trend thats been big in 2022, modern GGA cover collecting. I don’t think its going away anytime soon, even if the bigger players in comic book speculation, investing, and collecting media don’t cover it comprehensively and its a big corner of the hobby. That’s actually part of the appeal. Keeps the prices down and newbie collectors out. A *raw* Young Allies 6 1:15 NM- just sold in a well attended eBay auction with a single photo for almost $750. In may of 2021, a graded 9.6 sold for under $500. That’s spectacular appreciation, and if you invested in these books along with international comics 2 or 3 years ago you are definitely feeling the pay off. If you didnt, you are probably writing copium comments about there being too many variants because you can’t handle the fact the 1st Appearance bubble, er sorry, the Normal Issue bubble is bursting and no amount of Ben putting exclusively the latest Normal Issue you bought 10 copies of on this list is going to change that.
You lost me when you said big corner of the hobby.
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