I Love Watermelons In Comic Book Movies So Very Much!!! – CBM (Comic Book Movie)

Gal Gadot eats watermelons (I have photographic proof!!!). There is a brand of Vietnamese watermelon seeds called Superman because they are strong and impervious to weather elements. 
That lady at Tony Stark’s party threw a watermelon at him and he blew it up with his Unibeam, which is kind of how I shoot when hot women throw watermelons at me.
Kamala Khan dances to the Ronettes’ “Be My Baby” in Ms. Marvel, which is a reference to Baby dancing to this same song in Dirty Dancing, and remember that Baby carried a watermelon and said, “I carried a watermelon.”
They chose Harry Styles for Starfox because he sang about his watermelon sugar high. Zack Snyder agreed with Styles when Snyder tweeted it was canon that Batman got a watermelon sugar high from performing cunning linguistics on Catwoman's kitty. Batman scarfs down watermelon on TikTok. 
When Ryan Coogler was doing research in Africa for Wakanda, he was told that watermelons are sacred. Winston Duke tried to break a watermelon with his thighs on Instagram. We eat watermelon every 4th of July to celebrate Captain America being thawed from the ice.
Ants at picnics can carry watermelons just like the ants in the Ant-Man movies. Sandman comes from the Spanish word “sandía,” which means “watermelon.”
The Avatar sequel was almost called Avatar: The Way of Watermelon, but they had to shorten the title because it would not fit on movie theater marquees. “The Watermelon Crawl” was inspired by Spider-Man. 
In conclusion, I love watermelons because they are in many comic book movies and remind me of bosoms and buttocks.
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