Is The New DC Studios Batman Reboot Based on Grant Morrison Comics? –

By Kofi Outlaw
Is the new DC Universe franchise version of live-action Batman going to be based on the comic books of Grant Morrison? Whether he meant to or not, DC Studios head James Gunn has managed to get fans speculating in that direction after the latest photo he posted to Twitter. Gunn’s photo showed off an impressive charcuterie spread being served in what is presumably his home, with a hungry-looking feline poking its head over the table to see what the good eats were about. However, when DC fans put the background of the photo under a microscope, they found a Batman tease that was hard to miss: 
hey a cheese plate thanks so much
Big chance they are all three Morrison omnis, and the lens blur is making the yellow spine less noticeable. As for the other books, they don’t look like standard tpb size. Could ether be unconnected or maybe a DC history book of we are sticking with possible DC stuff
As you can see in the blown-up photo, James Gunn is keeping the three-volume Batman Omnibus by Grant Morrison real close these days, in proud display on what looks like it could be a reading-area coffee table. As always, it’s hard to measure exactly where the line between coincidence and Eater egg teaser lies, as James Gunn is a master of social media PR. That particular selection of Batman stories does seem like more than a coincidence, though, given how Morrison altered the Batman world, starting in the mid-2000s. 
The three-volume Batman omnibus seen in Gunn’s photo contains these major milestone stories (to name a few): 
Which of these stories would you like to see in the new DC Studios Universe? Is Grant Morrison a good creator to draw from? 
You can jump into Gran Morrison’s Batman Omnibus HERE. 
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