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Billy Butcher’s ending in The Boys comics can work on the show, especially after season 3, but Butcher has to get much worse than he currently is.
WARNING: SPOILERS for The Boys comics.
The Boys’ Butcher can become as evil as his comic book counterpart did, but not in The Boys season 4. Following The Boys' season 3 finale, the future of Billy Butcher has become one of the show’s biggest mysteries. Butcher is terminally ill due to his use of Temp V, yet Butcher dying of natural causes would be a major change from The Boys’ comics. Whether Billy Butcher’s diagnosis will be confirmed or reverted in The Boys season 4 is difficult to say, but either way, Butcher’s comic book ending could still happen.
Butcher’s decisions in The Boys season 3 were really not a surprise. The Boys has told viewers several times that Butcher is not the hero of the story, something that Hughie and Starlight have already noticed it. Some of Butcher’s worse moments on the show happened in The Boys season 3, even more so after he took Temp. V. However, the “Evil Butcher” from The Boys comics hasn’t appeared just yet.
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The Boys’ Billy Butcher is already evil, but the character could still get a lot worse based on his comic book counterpart. While the line between heroes and villains in The Boys is quite blurry, Butcher has proven several times he is not worth rooting for – especially after The Boys season 3. There is nothing Billy Butcher won’t do in order to kill Homelander, including but not limited to using Hughie and the rest of his crew as pawns. The Boys’ Butcher is a killer and a manipulative leader, but the comics’ version of Butcher manages to be even worse.
The Boys comics’ Butcher is sadistically evil, which is something the show’s version of Butcher has yet to become. While comic Butcher starts his crusade against Homelander and Vought similarly to The Boys show, the character becomes pretty much the ultimate antagonist in the final arcs of The Boys comics. After Black Noir kills Homelander, Butcher decides to kill anyone who has ever taken Compound V, including former allies. Kimiko and Frenchie, for example, die because of Butcher in the comics. To put things in perspective, Hughie had to kill Butcher in the comics after what his former ally had become.
What happens to Butcher in The Boys’ comics can make for a thrilling final season in The Boys. However, for Butcher’s comic book ending to work, the Karl Urban character has to get much worse first. The Boys’ Butcher is far from being a hero, yet the character is still compelling and charismatic enough. Audiences have been following Butcher as one of the main characters for three seasons, meaning that it will not be easy for the show to replicate the “Butcher is now the final villain” twist. Granted, The Boys season 3 did make Butcher worse than he has ever been on the show.
It’s also important to remember that The Boys is not following the comics closely. From original characters like Ashley and Ryan to completely different storylines like with Black Noir, The Boys has separated itself from the comics already. Though some moments and storylines can be the same, The Boys season 4 is expected to have original arcs for its main characters. For example, The Boys’ new members The Seven are characters created for the show. Therefore, Butcher’s ending in The Boys might not be the same as the comics, although having Butcher as the final antagonist of the show could work.
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