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Jeremy Renner has become a very known face in the industry for starring in many critically acclaimed movies and for also playing the role of Hawkeye in the MCU while also being one of the main members of the original Avengers.
But even before his debut as the archer who fights for saving humanity, the Arrival actor once turned down an offer of starring in another comic book movie that included a demonic warrior as the lead, who protects the Earth from paranormal threats.
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Renner’s rise to critical acclaim began after his performance in 2002’s eponymous biographical film Dahmer which launched him in various other roles like S.W.A.T. in 2003 and Neo Ned in 2005. During that period Jeremy Renner was also offered to star in a live-action adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics character Hellboy, under the direction of the Academy Award-winner Guillermo del Toro, who at the time wasn’t at the same level of stardom as today. In an interview with Men’s Health Magazine, Renner stated,
“I was focused on what I wanted to do, and how,” “I just felt [like] if I wasn’t connected to the material even though it was a great director and a great job. I don’t know how I’m going to do anything exceptional.”
The movie then starred Ron Perlman as the lead and the movie was released with a mixed reception and a box office collection of $100 million, but with time it went on to garner its cult following with the sequel in 2008 making $178 million at the box office.
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It isn’t new for actors to turn down different roles due to specific reasons, from creative differences or not connecting with the script that was provided. The same goes for Jeremy Renner, who wasn’t able to connect with the character and thus refused the role despite being offered a handsome amount of money. In a podcast with Justin Long, he later clarified that he doesn’t have any regrets for turning the role down and his decision doesn’t haunt him. In the podcast Renner further expressed,
“There’s zero regrets, zero. Most of the time it’s like, Oh, I’m glad I didn’t do it,’ and it made sense to me. Not just Hellboy or whatever it was, and I’m not saying that it’s a good or bad movie, it’s not about that. I just wouldn’t have fit there.”
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In 2019 a new Hellboy adaptation was brought to the big screen which was portrayed by David Harbour but the movie wasn’t able to recreate the success of the original movie, whereas Jeremy Renner has played a vital role in the MCU since, while also earning two Oscar nominations under his belt.
Hellboy is now streaming on HBO Max.
Source: Men’s Health

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