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Local comic book author Brad Mawdsley is looking to expand his audience.
The Action Hero creator is bringing his comic book series, posters, and merchandise to the 2023 Comicon in Toronto, which runs March 17 to 19.
To date, Mawdsley has written, illustrated and self-published 10 comics in the series, which follows superhero Brock Barnes in his efforts to fight crime in Bayfield City.
“It’s about a man named Brock who has super strength (and) a black belt in five different martial arts to fight crime and corruption in Bayfield sitting alongside his superhero friends,” Mawdsley explained.
Mawdsley said he has taken his work to conventions around Simcoe County and Durham Region, but this will be his first time as a vendor in Toronto.
“I want to accomplish making a career out of this,” he said. “(I’m) looking forward to more opportunities and really getting my book out there.”
He has at least 11 more instalments planned for the Action Hero series, which he says has grown popular with youth.
“I now have kids fussing over them like they do toys and candy,” he said. “I’m looking forward to more opportunities and really getting my book out there.”
More information about Mawdsley and his comic book series can be found here.
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