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The Kree are an alien species that have cemented their legacy in Marvel comics, but fans of the source material know so much more about them.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading to space once more with both The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special and Secret Invasion. The Kree have been involved in both franchises, but it's unclear whether the alien species will be turning up in either project as of right now.
Regardless, the Kree are still a vital part of the narrative, but comic book fans know so much more about this empire. They have been both allies and antagonists in the past and have evolved greatly in their role on the page in recent years; a fact that could influence the big and small screen down the line.
Fans of the comics since the early days will know that the Kree originally surfaced as an antagonist to the Fantastic Four. That shouldn't be too surprising since the group had previously rubbed shoulders with other alien entities, and had made an enemy of the Kree.
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It was Issue 65 of the run, which was released in 1967, which saw the Kree first arrive to challenge Marvel's first family. Their issue at the time was that the Fantastic Four had defeated one of their sentries, resulting in a vengeful scheme that quickly came undone.
The Supreme Intelligence will be familiar to fans of the MCU's aliens, as the leader of the Kree. However, the iteration seen in the comics is presented far differently. They are sentient being of great wisdom, but the character is often depicted as a large floating head.
The Supreme Intelligence is wired into the very planet of Hala and society itself operates around them. The character has been leading the Kree for most of Marvel's history, but was killed off as the hierarchy of power began to change. Not just some kind of ruler, the Kree worshiped the Intelligence as if it were a god.
Captain Marvel is the most common hero associated with the Kree on the big screen, with the original Mar-Vell having inspired Carol Danvers. Ms. Marvel has joined the fray, but she hasn't been associated with the Kree Empire just yet. In the comics though, the Marvel family extends far past this.
There is a long tradition of heroes hailing from the Kree in some form, taking on the Marvel name. Marvel Boy Noh-Varr is one such example from the Young Avengers, as is Genis Vell who has taken on many names, from Photon to Legacy. Perhaps The Marvelswill explore this further, demonstrating why the Kree have such a galactic influence.
The atmosphere and properties of Hala, the homeworld of the Kree, is very different from that of Earth. Much like Superman from his home world of Krypton to Earth, the Kree are also given different gifts because of the way their bodies adapt to the environment.
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They are gifted with strength and great invulnerability, just because of the changing conditions. This has made them a significant threat to the heroes of Earth, but it should be noted that they have to take steps so that they can breathe better in a different atmosphere. That can be a weakness.
The blue hues of the Kree is the color of their skin traditionally. However, through successive years, the Kree have evolved to include a wide range of skin colors. But the Kree are a fascist species and believe in genetic purity, claiming that those who do not have blue skin are not true Kree.
The Supreme Intelligence even tried to halt the evolution and growth of the Kree itself, to continue to try and preserve that supposed purity. Wars have been fought and conflicts have arisen over this racist thinking that has purged the Kree, leading to some dangerous decisions.
There are some powerful Marvel monsters out there, but the Supreme Intelligence is one of the most monstrous out there in more ways than one. The character created the Nega-Bomb, a device designed to change much of the Kree Empire to start development from scratch after years of protecting the purity.
It was used, meaning this weapon of mass destruction sent shockwaves through the galaxy, changing the very core of the Kree. The effects of the radiation led to mutations, meaning that evolution went in a new direction, empowering the species.
The Kree and Skrull war was something that most were aware of in the galaxy. It has taken many forms, but the crux of the conflict is that the two species despise one another, their Empires constantly levying for power. The war ended up affecting Earth itself.
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Many might not know that in the comics, the Avengers end up getting involved in the war, once Earth becomes at serious risk. Earth has always been used by the species as a pawn in their plans, the creation of the Inhumans is a testament to that. Thus, the Kree and Skrull war wasn't as far off as the MCU seemed to make it.
Fans of the MCU might be confused by Ronan's role in the Kree Empire. However, the character has made his ambitions incredibly clear in the source material, after serving under the Supreme Intelligence for years. After the demise of the Supreme Intelligence, it would be Ronan who took command.
But ironically, he would also be the man to completely shift the direction of the Kree. It was Ronan's ambitions that got the better of him leading to a defeat so vast that he would submit to Black Bolt of the Inhumans, handing control of the Empire to the very people they had created. Ronan's legacy is thus one of serving others and handing the keys to Attilan.
Anyone paying attention to the Marvel Universe around Earth-616 in the comics would have noticed a significant change in recent history. After the Empyre narrative, the Kree Empire was reformed with a brand-new head of the table; the Kree and Skrull known as Hulkling, answering the age-old question of who should lead the Kree into a new age.
Hulkling has vowed to lead the Kree on a new path, after putting an end to the Kree and Skrull war for good. The Empire is a powerhouse in the galaxy on a completely different level thanks to the movements of the former Young Avenger. That narrative seems far off on screen though.
Some might be unsure where Hala is in the galaxy, considering it's rather unclear in the MCU. For those who enjoy mapping the cosmos of the Marvel Multiverse, comic fans will know that Hala is located in the Large Magellanic Cloud, which hosts plenty of other worlds.
It was this territory that the Kree Empire originally found its dominance within, conquering each neighboring planet until they could hold control over the entire region. It was yet another sign of fascism, dressed up as a tactical security play and grab for power.
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