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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for to snag on the cheap.
This week, I look at some more fun speculation related to the recent news, leaks, rumors, theories, and announcements. Topics ranging from Huntress to Cap-Wolf to Batman and more. Just some more fun books to hunt for cheap based some rumors for upcoming MCU projects and comics.
Check out the video if you want to see some more books that I talked about this week that are not presented below:

As I always say, Comics should be fun; and I want to provide content that keeps this hobby the good time that it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG, then you may have seen some of these pick-ups before as I typically share my pick-ups there when they happen. Check it out if you like seeing more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking out for in those bins…

With all the rush to buy any new 1st appearance of any character these days no matter how insignificant, I wonder why this one is ignored as much as it is.
Now I am not saying this should be some key comic or that Angel Breaker is the next big thing. I’m just curious why folks dump $’s into recolored goblins and any new Star Wars release, but this Bat villain is still in the bins.
I’m just saying the character now bridges a gap between the Wildstorm Universe and DC proper. Trained by Zealot creates a connection that brings the 2 universes even closer. They probably wouldn’t have bothered if they didn’t at least have some small plans for the character. But for a buck or two it could be worth a flyer.

Ok, I understand that #1) this isn’t a comic, and #2) following the recent Todd tweet, this book is on everyone’s radar now, but the point is that this is the sort of forgotten about thing that could be tucked away in a used books store, good will, flea market table, or mixed in with Conan mags under the dollar bin table at your LCS.
I’m just reminding you that you can find treasures in any number of places and just because eBay and Whatnot sellers may try to cash in a premium right now based on FOMO, that doesn’t mean this 40 year old magazine can’t just be sitting out there somewhere in the hands of someone less up to date on the interwebs.


Just a reminder that you can find even classic 1sts out there if you are patient. Older comics like this may be tucked away in the cheap boxes amongst the unwanted Jimmy Olsen’s and classic Adventures of Superman non-keys. Doesn’t hurt to be aware and to look for it just in case.
The 1sy appearance in this confusingly named issue is the Huntress, Helena Wayne. What’s even more interesting is that this is one of two 1st appearances for her…how does that happen you may ask?


Well picking up from our previous entry, this book was released the same day as DC Super Stars. So both were dropped on the same date, so technically both are her 1st appearance.
Either way, this is one of those books you just want to be aware of incase you find  a low to mid grade copy in a box somewhere. It won’t make you rich, but nothing wrong with grabbing a minor key classic for cheap if the opportunity presents itself. Better to know what it is and not find it than unwittingly flip past it in a bargain bin.



Thank you for consistently shedding light on books I have, or would have overlooked if not for reading this every week.
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