Marvel Comics Will Celebrate SHE-HULK #175 This April With A New Villain And Double-Sized Issue – CBM (Comic Book Movie)

If you've been reading acclaimed author Rainbow Rowell's She-Hulk run, then you'll know it's been packed with non-stop excitement, and this April, the scribe will take things to the next level for the character's 175th issue! 
In the pages of her latest solo series, Jennifer Walters has reopened her law practice, taken on some of her most intense cases yet, defeated a duo of new villains, and even found time for a new romance! However, in She-Hulk #12, She-Hulk’s promising new superhero journey will be threatened by a dangerous new archnemesis known as The Scoundrel.
Just in time for her 175th solo issue, She-Hulk will meet her match in a wild showdown that the publisher promises will leave all her fans talking. Between this and last year's She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, it's been an exciting year for the Jade Giantess, and it's great seeing her finally reach a benchmark issue number like this. 
The double-sized comic book will reunite Rowell with artist Andrés Genolet, who she previously created comic book magic with in the latest run of Runaways. The landmark issue will also feature a host of all-star talent coming on board to celebrate the icon in a series of bonus stories, though details on those creative team has not yet been revealed.
“Every issue that I get to write She-Hulk is a delight — but I'm especially honored to escort her to her 175th issue,” Rowell says. “One of things we've focused on is building up Jen's narrative support structure…Giving her friends, colleagues, a love interest and her very own antagonists.”
“The Scoundrel is an adversary tailor-made for Jennifer Walters. A lot of things come easily for Jen. Nothing about the Scoundrel is easy.”
You can check out Jen Bartel's latest gorgeous cover below, and you'll want to be there when this landmark 175th issue of She-Hulk arrives in comic book stores on April 19.


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