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In honour of the 35th anniversary of Venom, Marvel Comics is planning to kick off the “Summer of Symbiotes,” a season-long celebration of all things symbiote including new titles, characters, and more.
We got our first taste of the symbiote insanity that awaits in a recent teaser that heralded the foreboding “Death of Venomverse” (you can see that below). However, before that epic begins, we'll get to witness the Venomverse expand like never before in a new limited series, Extreme Venomverse
Launching in May, Extreme Venomverse will take fans to uncharted corners of the hive with brand-new stories by an all-star lineup of talent. In the same spirit as the recent hit series, Edge of Spider-Verse, this landmark new series will feature jaw-dropping turning points for iconic characters like Eddie Brock and Dylan Brock and see never-before-seen Venoms bear their fangs for the very first time.
However, this thrilling tour through the Marvel Multiverse is headed towards an explosive destination and whether everyone's favourite new symbiotes will survive this summertime saga remains to be seen.
Here are the three titanic tales it's said we can expect in the debut issue:
So, face front, Venomaniacs, because the Summer of Symbiotes is underway! You can check out Leinil Francis Yu's Extreme Venomverse cover below, and we'll no doubt have more details to share with you about what's to come very soon. 
We've also been hearing rumblings that Sony Pictures' Venom 3 will begin shooting this summer, so 2023 really does look set to an exciting year for this character…



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