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Welcome back for this week’s edition of Dollar Bin Digging where I spotlight a few books to keep an eye out for to snag on the cheap.
This week, I look at some more fun speculation related to the recent news, leaks, rumors, theories, and announcements. Topics ranging from Photon to Flash to Critical Role and more. Just some more fun books to hunt for cheap based on Marvel, DC comics, and some Independent news.
Check out the video if you want to see some more books that I talked about this week that are not presented below:

As I always say, Comics should be fun; and I want to provide content that keeps this hobby the good time that it should be. Anyway, if you follow my IG, then you may have seen some of these pick-ups before as I typically share my pick-ups there when they happen. Check it out if you like seeing more books than I cover here. So, without further ado, let’s see what you should be looking out for in those bins…

Good info sharing the cameo images of Dark Flash. Thanks. I remember that 138 being big maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Great cover. Can’t believe they’re still doing this movie.
Yeah I have no clue why they are moving forward with that movie either. seems like a trainwreck waiting to happen. But who knows, people do love rubber-necking. ?
I think scooping up the Serpent Squad’s first and other iterations of the society is wise along with the serpent crown first and the helmet of power which was later retconned into being the crown. I would probably look at Marvel Age Annual 1, an undervalued Secret Wars key which predates Cap 310 and looks to be the first Serpent Society in a comic story.
I love the Battle Chasers pick. I never should have sold my 9.8 Chromium Variant!
Thanks Topher. I actually mention the Marvel Age Annual in the video but chose to roll with the 310 for the article. was that a separate story or a preview from an upcoming issue in there? I always assumed those were just previews.
It sure is a strange one but the entire issue is a comic story!
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