Marvel Teases a Frankenstein Monster Made From the X-Men –

By Kofi Outlaw
Marvel’s current generation of X-Men stories have had some pretty weird things going on – but weird is about to get taken to a whole new level! The latest Marvel Comics previews include X-Force #38, a book whose cover ominously teases a new kind of monster a Frankenstein monster that’s made from pieces of various X-Men!
As you can see in the cover art above, this Mumant Frankenstein is made from X-Men parts that include Deadpool, Wolverine, Beast, Colossus, Cable, and Black Tom Cassidy. Also depicted is “The Man With The Peacock Tattoo,” who is the leader of the newest anti-mutant group XENO. X-Force #38 writer Benjamin Percy and cover artist Joshua Cassara created the Peacock Tattoo Man and XENO at the start of this book’s run in 2019; XENO is a global cabal of anti-mutant hard-liners – bringing together members of past hate groups and criminal organizations, like the killer-cyborgs known as The Reavers. The group is the inevitable result of the X-Men creating a fully-recognized mutant nation called Krakoa, whose position as a world power has sparked greater xenophobia (get it… “XENO?”) than ever before. 
That all said, XENO has been shown to be more horrible than any other hate group before it. Early on in X-Force’s run they kidnapped Domino and tortured her, flaying her skin off and grafting onto covert operatives in order to sneak them past Krakoa’s defenses, where they assassinated Charles Xavier and murdered many other mutants. As Krakoa’s version of the CIA, X-Force responded in kind, tracking down XENO’s lab and uncovering their horrific experiments on mutants – while also freeing Domino from captivity. 
However, it’s been clear all along that XENO has been working on some kind of ultimate biological weapon to use against mutantkind – and the preview for X-Force #38 lets us know exactly what it is! 
Variant Cover by TODD NAUCK
It’s all been leading to this – XENO’s showdown with X-FORCE, and the terrible truth of their horror-show experiments! WHO, or WHAT, is the OMNI-MUTANT?!
32 PGS./Parental Advisory …$3.99
The Omni-Mutant is a culmination of little subplot’s that Percy has sprinkled into X-Force, wherein XENO has had the opportunity to grab corpses of various X-Men characters – including Wolverine and Deadpool. Krakoa’s new system of mutant resurrection gives the X-Men unlimited lives with which to fight XENO – but now it looks like that those new lives will come at the great cost of having their old lives turned into their worst nightmare foe… 
…As we said, it’s a weird, wild time in the X-Men Universe, right now.
X-Force #38 is scheduled to be released on March 1, 2023. 
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