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By Jenna Anderson
Over decades upon decades of issues, the world of Marvel Comics has introduced some pretty memorable characters — as well as memorable lines of dialogue from them. One of the most beloved among them might be “It’s Clobberin’ Time”, the catchphrase frequently utilized by Ben Grimm / The Thing. Early next year, that catchphrase will be canonized in a whole new way with Clobberin’ Time, a new miniseries starring Ben. Written and illustrated by Steve Skroce, the series will partner him up with various other characters from Marvel’s canon, similarly to his role in the previous Marvel Two-in-One series.
“This is Marvel’s contemporary Ben Grimm,” Skroce previously told “‘THIS MAN…THIS MONSTER’ was a while ago now, he’s married, rich, and well known, becoming the Thing isn’t the burden it once was, he’s a superhero, philanthropist, cosmic explorer. He has a history with all the greats, and it’s fun to reference some big moments from the past. He’s totally over Logan slicing off his face that time by the way… mostly.”
“I have tried my hardest to put these characters through the most savage, sickening, inhumane, and heinous meat grinder battles I could create,” Skroce said of the book. “Stuff happens in this book that just hasn’t happened in any other Marvel comic. This is the event that’s in between all the others, cut off from all help, Ben and co’ will be two against multitudes with all of creation hanging in the balance.”
You can check out the official solicitation and covers for Clobberin Time #1 below!
Variant Cover by GREG SMALLWOOD • Variant cover by GERARDO SANDOVAL
It’s the most clobber-filled title in the Marvel line, brought to you by the talented Steve Skroce, as Ben Grimm teams up with heroes from across the Marvel Universe! It’s the Thing’s greatest adventure yet, with or without the Fantastic Four. In this issue, the Hulk and Ben are stranded on a distant, ancient, alien world, where the duo must protect an ancient people against legions of Deviant hordes and ultimately face the wrath of a Celestial.
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99
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Clobberin’ Time #1 will be released wherever comics are sold on March 29, 2023.
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